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Cuteness in disguise

Cuteness in disguise

Huggy here. I still have time before the decision. ANd truth be told- I’m nervous. Super duper nervous. I’m fretting.
Should I leave?? Should I? I do miss a normal life- where I don’t worry about Adopt Me, Please. and I don’t have tasks and earn names like huggypaw! Where I don’t have to make difficult choices and write a post or two everyday. But SADA is difficult. It’s not fair! But I shouldn’t be saying that. gates should! He has arthritis and it makes it very difficult for him! I just wish I could help somehow, but I’m so confused, I hardly know where I am.
But… here at Sada? I have a ton to blog about, and a ton to think about. I’m surrounded by the gang.. or my friends. I have secrets and I have burdens. My life is a betrayal full of test and questions to see if I’m worthy. But am I?
Doubt is my weapon. So is cuteness. When you open this blog, you must think- Huggy has a totally normal, perfect life, but I don’t. I used to. Scroll to the posts in August 2013, when I first got the blog. I wasn’t there yet, until late August. I had a totally normal life then. Compare it to now. You can see the difference, right? Um, oh well, I have to say good- bye!
I don’t have a lot of time just to stay and write here all day, though I need to write four more posts!

Huggy The Pug**

The Requested Chat

Chatroom: kryteers, secretstealer, mysteryMWAhha, huggythepugno.1, COOKIEcrumbs789, iamablackpug789, princessqueen456, sadadog, gates123, sandyiscool999, belluvsawesome, violetpetluvah, cattygurlrulz, kanaboxer
cattygurlrulz: v? are you here? bel, you 2?
belluvsawesome: here, yah. I can understand why you are friends with some of the dogs here!
cattygurlrulz: you can?
sandyiscool999: I can understand why you like Bel…
secretstealer: bel, what did you do behind my back?
belluvsawesome: nothing, I swear. I like ton make new friends. don’t you?
sadadog: Catty, how do you like home?
cattygurlrulz: it’s fine.
gates123: princess, SACA?
princesqueen456: I am on task one- but I just couldn’t refuse this chat request! 🙂 The leader, SACA Cat is really sweet, but one of the Cats mewswhisker is MEAN! 😦
huggythepugno.1: snort.
princessqueen456: what?
kryteers: whisker… instead of PAW? silly!
princessqueen456: I can scratch, you know!
iamablackpug789: we know. you literally ripped out my eyeball!
COOKIEcrumbs789: mine, too! remember… it was so funny, I was almost with one eye, instead of two.
kanaboxer: yup! SOO… funny! I don’t want you to have only one eye!
sadadog: some of us might…
gates123: what do you mean, SADA dog, by that?
sadadog: nothing!
huggythepugno.1: um, well- so I have an announcement!
kanaboxer: DON’t!! I read your post!
COOKIEcrumbs789: I did too!
mysteryMWAhha: what? you still go on that blog?
COOKIEcrumbs789: yeah, I just read their posts n secrets (HA!)
secretstealer: good job, cnc!
sadadog: that’s not nice!
sandyiscool999: but bel said otherwise…..
secretstealer: sandy and bel? what’s up with you two? I have to know why you are both whispering and giggling like crazy! it hurt me 😦
belluvsawesome: sorry!
sandyiscool999: I second that! Sorry!
huggythepugno.1: please- stop! I have an announcement- I’m going to leave SADA!
sadadog: what?!!!!!
kanaboxer: huggy- no! make your decision later!
cattygurlrulz: yeah, huggy- no! life back here is boring! you can’t miss the fight!
kanaboxer: yes, huggy no!
gates123: leave? why- is it ’cause of me?
princessqueen456: I like SACA- but I’m not leaving you- or SADA!
iamablackpug789: our best secret agent- my best friend- gone?
huggythepugno.1: sorry- I just can’t.
kryteers: why? why? why do you wanna leave? I’m not saying it’s bad- I like it, but I wanna know- curious of me!
mysteryMWAhha: what made you change your mind?
kanaboxer: it was me.
sandyiscool999: KANA?!?
violetpetluvah: really?!?!
kanaboxer: I told huggy today that the gang needed space.. and we weren’t friends, and Huggy’s now mad and wants to leave 😦
iamablackpug789: you won’t, right, huggy? and kana? I’m at a loss for words!
kanaboxer: I regret it too. I shouldn’t have said anything.
gates123: oh well.
kanaboxer: thanks, gates. you understand-
gates123: no, what? I said oh well to Wronklette- we are also chatting!
huggythepugno.1: wronk o lay? back to her? kana’s right!
kanaboxer: I’m not!
sadadog; huggy I’ll give it to you till tomorrow to think, ok?
huggythepugno.1: ok
kryteers: SAY NO! SAY NO!
mysteryMWAhha: best secret agent- gone, ha! too petty for them!
secretstealer: so? they deserve to lose one! we don’t!
kryteers: already 3459 dogs! come on- we’re wasting our time here!
COOKIEcrumbs789: i’ll come in a sec!
secretstealer: great! come on!
COOKIEcrumbs789: guys, n dogs? bye!
belluvsawesome: see you, CNC!
huggythepugno.1: good luck and thanks for the post!
kanaboxer: I second that! thanks!
COOKIEcrumbs789: no prob!

The Cutest Pug Ever


Huggy here, again. kana posted this picture…. is it cute??
Um, well, Thanks I guess. Kana and I have a chat scheduled soon…. better go!


Seen and Anni- their Battle plan

CNC here. I overhead Seen and Anni talking about their battle plan. I’m going to write it, ’cause I received the note from Kana- forgiving me! YES! So- here is the outline I overheard, while they thought I was asleep!
Seen: They think we don’t have a plan!
They both chuckled.
Anni: But Smithy and Cookie ‘n Cream canNOT hear this!
Seen: DUH! They probably are on ‘their’ side!
Anni nodded solemnly.
Anni: you’re right. Smith A. is all about Bel- now, who is friends with Catty, and Catty is friends with Violet! A CHAIN!
Seen: And Cookie, is desperate to get her ‘besties’ back!
Anni chuckled!
Anni: ‘K, so what do we do?
Seen looked around nervously, and lowered his voice, to just above a whisper. My doggy ears heard every word.
Seen: We pretend not to have an idea, and we code yell- SURREND!- and then the army of dogs we have comes running out. But they will be hidden in different bushes. So the SADA army won’t stand a mere chance. When they are taken by surprise- they will either lunge forward or retreat! If they lunge forward, then half one will retreat, while half two will lunge forward. Half three will be hidden. Then, if they retreat, half one will sprint after them, and then half two will stay and take out spears, and mark our territory. I will press the button to the electric fence- and VIOLA! They will be trapped in the area. Half three will come forward, by surprise, hidden and camouflaged, and will attack most dogs. Half one and two will follow in rows. Half four will go sideways, and Half five will pop up from the behind. We will snap photos and damage them. After they surrender, we will sign a pact- that they will never fight us again! HA AHA HA AHA HA AH AH AHA HA HA AH!
Anni’s eyes widened.
Anni: You get everything planned out, eh?
Seen smirked and nodded, and quietly sat down to stretch his strong legs. He took a long sip of water, to calm his nerves after his fast speaking.
Anni: It’s marvelous. But only three days- what about- well, the halves? We have 3000 dogs!
Seen chuckled.
Seen: We need 5000! Then, it will be 1000 in each half!
Anni sighed, and plopped down next to Seen on the couch. Seen disapproved, and shook his head.
Seen: Annigregu- come on, we HAVE to find 2000 dogs pronto! Let’s ask CNC, Smith Anthony and Star STripe, too!
Anni nodded.
Anni: yeah, come on!
So that’s the creepy story. I am so scared- but SADA, now you know the plan! Bye! Hoep this was helpful! 🙂

CNC (still a loyal friend!)

CNC- forgiven….. or not?

Um, well please say TOTALLY YES! (Or whatever you think!)
But I think CNC should be forgiven- she deserves it- totally! Did you read her heart breaking post? Well, my heart was a knife cut into two! OMS (oh my sadness!)
So please think about your answer- CNC is a friend, after all! Go to the Search button and hit WCSOTG and read all the posts when CNC was a dear friend! So, please- let us give the spotted Dalmatian another chance!


Dear CNC… from Kana :)


“Dear CNC,
This is my first letter to you. I am sorry- you might feel rejected but don’t! Just realize, we still appreciate you, even though you left us! I laugh at our adventures and relive them every time I read WCSOTG, too! I read your post, and I would forgive you! I wouldn’t hold a thing behind our friendship- so what are you waiting for? Please return! I miss you!! I think we all do! So after the brutal battle, let’s all become the gang again- full and complete! And I hope you don’t hold a thing against us! So well, see you January 2nd! Please reply as quick as you can! I will appreciate it!

Paws and Barks,
Kana :)”

sandyiscool999 has a mini chat with belluvsawesome

Chatroom: sandyiscool999, belluvsawesome
sandyiscool999: so you requested this chat, huh?
belluvsawesome: yes, so?
sandyiscool999: this is awkward!
belluvsawesome: no, it isn’t. you are cool.
sandyiscool999: is this a joke?
belluvsawesome: whatddya mean?
sandyiscool999: duh. you don’t compliment! violet & catty both told stories about you- and I should know by now, that you aren’t very.. welcoming!
belluvsawesome: gee, I thought you were the nicest in the gang!
sandyiscool999: is that why the chat was requested?
belluvsawesome: guilty as charged- but I should’ve asked kana!
sandyiscool999: yeah, kana is a risk-I-take-you-don’t girl!
belluvsawesome: yeah, I totally agree1
sandyiscool999: bel, can I ask you a totally random question?
belluvsawesome: I guess.
sandyiscool999: why do you hate Violet so much? I mean, really! The trio- led by you- wanted Violet to get dogs- THREE! I mean, literally. it took violet a long time to earn up 1,925 dollars and more to get catty her dog! it’s not like $$ appears out of thin air!
belluvsawesome: I don’t know. I’m jealous?
sandyiscool999: why is that a question?
belluvsawesome: ‘cuz I don’t know my feelings. I like catty n violet alright! caurli and anndi are just ducks, I guess.
sandyiscool999: ducks?
belluvsawesome: followers, I guess.
sandyiscool999: what’s the answer, still of your hate to violet/ and jealousy.. why?
belluvsawesome: well, I had money problems too when I was little. I couldn’t find a place to stay, though now im rich. so I asked catty to stay with her, since her family sometimes rooms with others, since they need money to pay their rent. their house was empty at the time. but catty refused. she said no, no matter how many times I begged her. then, violet just had to say, please? and then catty let her. maybe catty and I aren’t very close, after all. and when violet says, tell catty hi, I can’t. should I say, your bff says hi? no, I am a jealous creature, but I do have sa.
sandyiscool999: oh.
belluvsawesome: please don’t tell violet or catty. don’t. and you hate me, don’t you?
sandyiscool999: actually, I understand your point. and I don’t hate you! but who’s sa?
belluvsawesome: Smith Anthony! back together 🙂
sandyiscool999: okay, um, well, bye!
belluvsawesome: you are nice, maybe nicer than kana!
sandyiscool99: not 😦
belluvsawesome: ok, you’re not- but you are a very good listener.
sandyiscool999: thanks, you are nice, too- deep inside you!
sandyiscool999: bye!
belluvsawesome: wait!!
sandyiscool999: what?
belluvsawesome: thanks for listening. talk later 🙂
sandyiscool999: yes! totally! and- well,-
belluvsawesome: well, what?
sandyiscool999: I think caurli and anndi admire you- that’s why they follow you!
belluvsawesome: I needed to hear that! bye!
sandyiscool999: bye!

Catirfula’s SADA Dog

the SUNSHINE SHIMMER TIMES: December 28th-January 1st Only 0.75 per issue. GET YOUR COPY NOW!
Catirfula’s SADA Dog
by Dr. Anne Fir
Well, hello! I am Anne Fir, a star on the show: Breaking News! Is it good or is it bad? I have good news for you and bad news! The good news is that there is a topic for this week (not like last week- you know- the weather? lame!!!) but the bad news is that it is very alarming! First, Catirfula, has a mini announcement to make about it. Catirfula says, “Call me Catty! I have officially trained with the SADA for a few weeks!” What is the SADA? Suspicions arise, but my own dog, Stripe, went there, too! I sent her, so I understand Catty. Yet still- a human? “What does SADA stand for?” a reporter questions Catty. Catty replies, “Secret Agent Dog Association. Still- they have been training well- but a battle is a brew! A war with Adopt Me, Please begins January 2nd! We need everyone on our side!” Well, nobody stirs. But is young Catty admitting truth about Adopt Me, Please? After all, the store is very well known for great breeding and quite a large variety of choices. Well, stay tuned for next week’s Sunshine Shimmer Times!

Secrets and their Burden


Huggy here. I have to make this post quick- Gates wants a turn- he’s been glazed over for a while, deep in thought.
I saw Kana today. She was mailing a letter. To whom? well, I don’t know. Isn’t it crazy how many secrets there are?
I mean, if you don’t know there is a secret, you’re like la la la la la, until someone tells you: I have a secret! Then, you want to figure it out- well, I do. There are so many mysteries in life and I would give anything to know about them! Well, take Catty. Why she left.. why she missed home!
Now, Star Stripe… why did she leave!
Kana- who is she writing to?
But I need to accept that I won’t know everything. It’s hard. Very hard.
Ever since Kana and I talked about that way to find private posts, and how she disapproves, I have tried not to snoop. I told everyone not to, either. It’s my new Year’s resolution. I’m desperate, but I have to keep promises to myself!
(Tears up!)


Pug Christmas

Sada’s birthday is today! I really want to surprise her with something! But with what?
I am trying really hard to get it- but Violet just keeps coming into my room, disturbing me by weeping. Like, here she is, dressed in a dark red tank top and sparkly jeans. She has dangly pink earrings- and silver flats. I recognize the outfit- it’s Catty’s. Violet is well, more, gloomy than fashionable. But now she intrigues me. Maybe she can be pretty after all.
Violet is fiddling with an earring, her eyes half closed.
Violet: I have to… get.. this through my.. earring hole!
I am taken back by surprise.
Me: Earring hole? You?
Violet: So? I’m not fashion crazy but at least I can wear earrings!
Me: Sorry!
I shrink back. I didn’t mean to hurt Violet’s feeling. But now the way she is, gives me a shiver. no. Why is she acting like this. I take my paw from the keyboard- and reeelaxxxxxx….



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