The Requested Chat

Chatroom: kryteers, secretstealer, mysteryMWAhha, huggythepugno.1, COOKIEcrumbs789, iamablackpug789, princessqueen456, sadadog, gates123, sandyiscool999, belluvsawesome, violetpetluvah, cattygurlrulz, kanaboxer
cattygurlrulz: v? are you here? bel, you 2?
belluvsawesome: here, yah. I can understand why you are friends with some of the dogs here!
cattygurlrulz: you can?
sandyiscool999: I can understand why you like Bel…
secretstealer: bel, what did you do behind my back?
belluvsawesome: nothing, I swear. I like ton make new friends. don’t you?
sadadog: Catty, how do you like home?
cattygurlrulz: it’s fine.
gates123: princess, SACA?
princesqueen456: I am on task one- but I just couldn’t refuse this chat request! 🙂 The leader, SACA Cat is really sweet, but one of the Cats mewswhisker is MEAN! 😦
huggythepugno.1: snort.
princessqueen456: what?
kryteers: whisker… instead of PAW? silly!
princessqueen456: I can scratch, you know!
iamablackpug789: we know. you literally ripped out my eyeball!
COOKIEcrumbs789: mine, too! remember… it was so funny, I was almost with one eye, instead of two.
kanaboxer: yup! SOO… funny! I don’t want you to have only one eye!
sadadog: some of us might…
gates123: what do you mean, SADA dog, by that?
sadadog: nothing!
huggythepugno.1: um, well- so I have an announcement!
kanaboxer: DON’t!! I read your post!
COOKIEcrumbs789: I did too!
mysteryMWAhha: what? you still go on that blog?
COOKIEcrumbs789: yeah, I just read their posts n secrets (HA!)
secretstealer: good job, cnc!
sadadog: that’s not nice!
sandyiscool999: but bel said otherwise…..
secretstealer: sandy and bel? what’s up with you two? I have to know why you are both whispering and giggling like crazy! it hurt me 😦
belluvsawesome: sorry!
sandyiscool999: I second that! Sorry!
huggythepugno.1: please- stop! I have an announcement- I’m going to leave SADA!
sadadog: what?!!!!!
kanaboxer: huggy- no! make your decision later!
cattygurlrulz: yeah, huggy- no! life back here is boring! you can’t miss the fight!
kanaboxer: yes, huggy no!
gates123: leave? why- is it ’cause of me?
princessqueen456: I like SACA- but I’m not leaving you- or SADA!
iamablackpug789: our best secret agent- my best friend- gone?
huggythepugno.1: sorry- I just can’t.
kryteers: why? why? why do you wanna leave? I’m not saying it’s bad- I like it, but I wanna know- curious of me!
mysteryMWAhha: what made you change your mind?
kanaboxer: it was me.
sandyiscool999: KANA?!?
violetpetluvah: really?!?!
kanaboxer: I told huggy today that the gang needed space.. and we weren’t friends, and Huggy’s now mad and wants to leave 😦
iamablackpug789: you won’t, right, huggy? and kana? I’m at a loss for words!
kanaboxer: I regret it too. I shouldn’t have said anything.
gates123: oh well.
kanaboxer: thanks, gates. you understand-
gates123: no, what? I said oh well to Wronklette- we are also chatting!
huggythepugno.1: wronk o lay? back to her? kana’s right!
kanaboxer: I’m not!
sadadog; huggy I’ll give it to you till tomorrow to think, ok?
huggythepugno.1: ok
kryteers: SAY NO! SAY NO!
mysteryMWAhha: best secret agent- gone, ha! too petty for them!
secretstealer: so? they deserve to lose one! we don’t!
kryteers: already 3459 dogs! come on- we’re wasting our time here!
COOKIEcrumbs789: i’ll come in a sec!
secretstealer: great! come on!
COOKIEcrumbs789: guys, n dogs? bye!
belluvsawesome: see you, CNC!
huggythepugno.1: good luck and thanks for the post!
kanaboxer: I second that! thanks!
COOKIEcrumbs789: no prob!

Cattypaw- doesn’t exist

Hello! Catty here! Remember when I said- I couldn’t find anything to write about? Well, I think I’ll be writing more often- so the gang and I can still be in touch! I miss Muggy, Huggy, Kana, Violet, Gates, princess and SADA dog! I feel terrible for going to the trio! But Bel is getting super nice to me! She got me a new dress- with red sparkles and sequins! Pretty! Anndi is also getting better- but she’s kind of mean. Caurli- wow, she’s sugar to me! Mom and Dad celebrated my celebration back home, and they even got me a dog- since Bliss, erm MUGGY- is gone at SADA! I miss SADA- it was kind of challenging- and now I have to go back to school- high school. Sigh. 17 years old is tough to be when you’re Catirfula! But anyways, it felt good to be home. I missed every detail of it- but without Violet, it’s kind of lonely. Without Kana, I feel best, and without Princess the kitty? Life’s hard. I miss Princess- my catty (you get it?) friend! But I have to adjust now! Well, I’m going on now! Maybe SADA dog has some news!
Well, bye!

Pug Tails For You and Me


Um, hi. I know this might be weird- but this post will be private because of Adopt Me, Please’s battle plans.
I can’t do it.
I just can’t. Sorry, if you wanted to hear them. Maybe kana will tell, because I am getting nervous.
Well- okay fine. I’ll say it-
They have no battle plan!
Was that battle threat to intimidate us? they aren’t planning anything! Not a thing- except gathering growing army of now about 2500 dogs. How many strays are there exactly? Well, I am getting very paranoid.
And Star Stripe seems to want to listen in our plans- and the old she-dog seemed interested when I announced that there were no battle plans from the evils. I can’t help but feel like Kana and I failed our first mission. So unfair!
And- what is wrong with Catty? is it the trio getting to her?
Ah, troubles. Not my world!



Continued from WCSOTG episode 7

Kana: Okay, we’re all ready. Let’s head to Penny Lane, and get some info!
CNC: I actually did, here. Well, it’s just a list I printed from It has some really cool tips.
Everyone reads it, and feigns surprise.
Muggy: Cool, but really. Let’s hurry up.
The gang heads up two blocks, out of breath, they continue until they reach a bold sign marked PENNY LANE. They head up it to find a rugged, brown, and shattered home. The door looks run down, and the windows look like they were broken into. A table is in front of the house, marked ATTIC SLE WITH GRANDDADDY, TODAY ONLY! There was a variety of table, items with price tags. And there are two men- a young boy about Catty and Violet’s age with nice black hair and shimmery blue eyes- and an old crusty man with thick glasses and almost white hair, wrinkled skin and a professional tie.
Kana: Um, hello. Mr……. we have to chat with you. We are fans of your blog-
Granddaddy: Call me pa. And by the way, my nephew, Brandson actually writes it.
Brandson, the nephew, gives a little wave.
Pa: What do you want to talk about?
CNC: About a penny from 1289, 10,000, the Carnation of the Lost Valley From Sollecone, and the Crystal of Ember. Do you know how to find them.
Pa looks a little surprised.
Pa: I do, I do.

to be continued in WCSOTG episode 9


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Baking Like Mad 2

Easy, homemade tasty recipe will satisfy your taste buds. You will need:

  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1/2 melted butter
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 spoon baking powder

Tools you will need:

  • spoon
  • oven
  • twelve muffin tin
  • twelve paper cups
  • nice plate to put your delicious cupcakes on


  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Mix flour, sugar and baking powder in small bowl. In a medium bowl, add butter, eggs, and vanilla. Add bowl 1 into bowl 2. Then stir carefully, smoothing out the bumps.
  3. Then place cupcake paper wrappers in tin.
  4. Finally, fill muffin tins about 2/3s full.
  5. Place into the oven and bake 15-25 minutes. The baking time depends on size. So check after 15 minutes. To check if it is ready insert a toothpick and take it out. If it is clean, the cupcakes are ready; if not let them bake a few minutes.
  6. When ready, let them cool completely.
  7. Enjoy!!

For frosting:

  • 2 cups powdered sugar
  • 1 stick butter
  •  2 teaspoons Cocoa (chocolate) 1 teaspoon vanilla (vanilla), 3 teaspoons lemon (lemon)

Frost cupcakes and enjoy them!

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