Should Huggy Stay at SADA?

I need help. Should I stay? I’m stuck. PLEASE help! I need to make my choice- and fast, before it’s too late! And who wants that to happen?
Um, well, also think about my previous post and weigh the goods and the bads about leaving and the goods and the bads about staying! Thanks, it’ll be helpful!


Huggy And I have a Little Chat

Me: Huggy- we have to tell SADA dog that we know the evils battle plans!
Huggy: KANA! No, how do you know she isn’t lying?
I am silent for a moment. I know CNC. We used to be BFF’s. And now? Well, CNC is unpredictable. I squirm before I can answer. My mind is all blank!
Me: Cookies ‘n Cream and I used to be Bff’s. She never lied.
Huggy’s expression softens. Her wrinkles wrinkle and she peers at me, to see if I am lying. But I’m not. I’m not lying. I can’t after all.
Huggy: I agree- she never did lie!
Me: Yeah, and she wants to come back- you hear?
Huggy nods and her eyes are trained on the floor, like she’s hiding something. Did she…? Oh, no she didn’t! She couldn’t!
Me: The letter for CNC… the private post….. you READ it?
Huggy avoids eye contact and I see her about to run away. I grit my teeth. So she did! My heart breaks!
Me: Why?!?
Huggy: I don’t know…. I just did- no harm done, right?
I don’t look at Huggy- no harm done? Seriously- why is Huggy being all snoopy all of a sudden? I disapprove.
Huggy: At least- we’re still Bff’s and CNC might come, right??
Anger flashes inside me. I can’t control it. It’s in my mind, my heart, my lungs, my paws… it’s every where. I can feel it, burning like a flame inside me.
Me: Huggy- no, why are we friends? Why?
Huggy’s eyes widen.
Huggy: So… we’re not?
Anger is back, and fear is now flickering.
Me: Princess is gone for SACA, Catty left, violet is obsessed with Catty, Muggy? too playful, Gates- sick, and CNC left us, and us? Well, we’re apart. the gang is.. well, falling apart, I guess. So, we don’t belong.
I Try not to break the news to Huggy too harshly. But Huggy looks like I just stabbed a knife into her. My heart breaks.
Huggy: So… we don’t click… anymore?
Me: I- I- didn’t-
But it’s too late- Huggy is gone. I feel like crying. No, this chat went HORRIBLE!

KaNa 😦

Friends Smiends


Huggy here!
This isn’t a picture of me, but I just found it, and thought it was SO SO cute! (I got it from my calendar, which I got for Christmas! SHH! Don’t tell!)
Um, well, I read CNC’s post.
I bet you did, too! And my heart melted! Kana and I completed the mission! Now, we know their battle plan, still doubt trickles me. What if CNC made it up? What if she did? Kana read it, too, and she approved 100% that CNC was telling the truth. I am still hesitating, and I don’t want to tell SADA dog, just yet.
Maybe later…….?
Also, Sandy has been ignorant. Don’t blame her- she has made two evil friends- Bel and Star Stripe! She should feel guilty!
Princess is taking the SACA test- and I wonder how it’s going. I can’t believe she agreed- but thankfully, it’s only part time- not that she will spending her days and nights at SACA- I hope. I also wonder what name they get after they finish Secret Agent Training. Whisker…? Tail….? Paw, in my opinion, is so much better. But princess already has PrincessPaw! Will her training be done forever at this rate? I sure hope not. She tried hard, I have to admit that!
The world is a crazy place. and I plan to survive it!!


Seen and Anni- their Battle plan

CNC here. I overhead Seen and Anni talking about their battle plan. I’m going to write it, ’cause I received the note from Kana- forgiving me! YES! So- here is the outline I overheard, while they thought I was asleep!
Seen: They think we don’t have a plan!
They both chuckled.
Anni: But Smithy and Cookie ‘n Cream canNOT hear this!
Seen: DUH! They probably are on ‘their’ side!
Anni nodded solemnly.
Anni: you’re right. Smith A. is all about Bel- now, who is friends with Catty, and Catty is friends with Violet! A CHAIN!
Seen: And Cookie, is desperate to get her ‘besties’ back!
Anni chuckled!
Anni: ‘K, so what do we do?
Seen looked around nervously, and lowered his voice, to just above a whisper. My doggy ears heard every word.
Seen: We pretend not to have an idea, and we code yell- SURREND!- and then the army of dogs we have comes running out. But they will be hidden in different bushes. So the SADA army won’t stand a mere chance. When they are taken by surprise- they will either lunge forward or retreat! If they lunge forward, then half one will retreat, while half two will lunge forward. Half three will be hidden. Then, if they retreat, half one will sprint after them, and then half two will stay and take out spears, and mark our territory. I will press the button to the electric fence- and VIOLA! They will be trapped in the area. Half three will come forward, by surprise, hidden and camouflaged, and will attack most dogs. Half one and two will follow in rows. Half four will go sideways, and Half five will pop up from the behind. We will snap photos and damage them. After they surrender, we will sign a pact- that they will never fight us again! HA AHA HA AHA HA AH AH AHA HA HA AH!
Anni’s eyes widened.
Anni: You get everything planned out, eh?
Seen smirked and nodded, and quietly sat down to stretch his strong legs. He took a long sip of water, to calm his nerves after his fast speaking.
Anni: It’s marvelous. But only three days- what about- well, the halves? We have 3000 dogs!
Seen chuckled.
Seen: We need 5000! Then, it will be 1000 in each half!
Anni sighed, and plopped down next to Seen on the couch. Seen disapproved, and shook his head.
Seen: Annigregu- come on, we HAVE to find 2000 dogs pronto! Let’s ask CNC, Smith Anthony and Star STripe, too!
Anni nodded.
Anni: yeah, come on!
So that’s the creepy story. I am so scared- but SADA, now you know the plan! Bye! Hoep this was helpful! 🙂

CNC (still a loyal friend!)

Violet Reads a Post

Um, Violet here. Huggy asked me to insert this very cute pic of her, and I complied. Cute, right?
But Huggy told me how to view private posts today, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, until now. I have the tab open…… but I can’t.
I slowly close my eyes, and click it, and yes- EUREKA!- it works.
I stare at the blank screen. There are quite a few private posts, including my diary entries! Did Huggy read them? I push the doubt away- I need to trust my friend to actually go on this blog. I close my eyes and breathe and then something catches my eye.
sandyiscool999 has mini chat with belluvsawesome.
IS Catty included there? I close my eyes- and hesitate. Huggy did it- she read this, or why else would she have told me to check out the private posts? Am I traitor? Guilt over flows me, but my eyes scan the post.
Bel….. jealous of me? No way! That’s impossible! I keep reading- I can’t stop!
Is this true?!? My head swarms with dizziness. Bel… is she a phony? Is she back with Smith Anthony? Questions swarm my head, instead of dizziness.
No. I push my hand from the computer.
Sandy… sweet, ol’ Sandy? A- a -secret?
No. no. No!
But I close my eyes and remove myself from the computer.
Much better. The fear passes, and I glance at Muggy, playing like it’s an ordinary day.
It is. It is. It’s very ordinary. Let me post this as PRIVATE, let Huggy read it. Let her.
Let ME read it. Guilt pools me, and my stomach lurches.
Bye. Bye.

Breaking news From Sada Dog!

Hey, SADA dog here. Let me just tell you- that Star Stripe is mysteriously gone! I can’t find her anywhere. I searched like CRAZY, but came back empty pawed. I am so confused! Where could she be? Well, I asked Huggy and Violet to help me. Violet looked like she knew where Star Stripe is, but didn’t want to tell me!! Huggy probably searched her little pug face off! It’s crazy- I know! But, I know the truth about Catty- and I am so bitterly disappointed. She left us?? It makes me feel like a worthless teacher, even though I try way too hard. ‘Cause if I didn’t try too hard, I would have never lost my closely acquainted assistant! I don’t know what to write- except that I read Huggy’s little post- about not getting me a gift! Oh well, my birth day is today- and well, in my opinion the greatest gift will be finally knowing the evil’s battle plan, though Huggy and Kana both said- they have none! They have none! I believe otherwise, so I’m determined to find out, and I won’t stop until I find out!!

Sada Dog

Violet’s Private Entry #2

I glance at Catty, straight in the eye. How could she be with the trio, when she had the Gang now? Was it too little for her? My heart sinks.
Me: Why?
Catty avoids my glare, and stares at her feet for a brief moment. When she looks up, she cringes and takes a deep breath.
Catty: Well, so what if I wear a pink sweater, white half-pants and boots? I thought you would have realized sooner- Bel’s outfit!
I cringe. But Catty hasn’t answered my main question yet.
Me: But…. why?
Catty closes her eyes, and stares at me, her blue eyes boring a hole in my boring brown eyes.
Catty: I miss Dad. I miss Mom. We call, but still, don’t you miss your- I mean, my- home? And well- Bel is watering the plants and everything. I like SADA and being Cattypaw, but I have had enough. I miss home, and I’m failing…. I haven’t had a mission!
Me: Me, either.
Catty clears her throat, her eyes gloomy now.
Catty: Well, I miss home. And Violet I was gracious to you. You got me Muggy- erm, Bliss-and we became friends. I miss the trio, truth be told!
Me: But Bel is Smith Anthony’s girlfriend!
Catty smiles, despite the difficult situation. She lingers, and touches her long, curly blond hair. She looks at me.
Catty: I think they broke up- and now Bel says Smith Anthony likes me!
I pause. Likes Catty? She is pretty, and I’m not. I am dark and gloomy and Catty’s sunshine and rainbows. I sigh.
Me: But he’s EVIL! And that means you’re leaving Sada.. for good?
Catty pauses, and gives me a weak smile. She sighs, her breath deep.
Catty: I’m not joining the Evils. No way. Too much for me! And plus- Bel’s sis- Anna works for the Sunshine Shimmer times!
My heart fails. But another question still remains unanswered.
Me: So you’re leaving………?
Catty hesitates, before answering. But her tone is low, and her blond hair is on her face. Her face is sweaty, and her palms are dripping. She twirls around, and takes a calming breath. But I can’t stand the suspense. I grit my teeth, and bite my lip until it bleeds.
Me: Answer…..
Catty: I can’t lie!
I want to shout. Scream. Yell. Did Catty admit….? She is….? No, she can’t….!
Catty: Well, yes. I am leaving!

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