sandyiscool999 has a mini chat with belluvsawesome

Chatroom: sandyiscool999, belluvsawesome
sandyiscool999: so you requested this chat, huh?
belluvsawesome: yes, so?
sandyiscool999: this is awkward!
belluvsawesome: no, it isn’t. you are cool.
sandyiscool999: is this a joke?
belluvsawesome: whatddya mean?
sandyiscool999: duh. you don’t compliment! violet & catty both told stories about you- and I should know by now, that you aren’t very.. welcoming!
belluvsawesome: gee, I thought you were the nicest in the gang!
sandyiscool999: is that why the chat was requested?
belluvsawesome: guilty as charged- but I should’ve asked kana!
sandyiscool999: yeah, kana is a risk-I-take-you-don’t girl!
belluvsawesome: yeah, I totally agree1
sandyiscool999: bel, can I ask you a totally random question?
belluvsawesome: I guess.
sandyiscool999: why do you hate Violet so much? I mean, really! The trio- led by you- wanted Violet to get dogs- THREE! I mean, literally. it took violet a long time to earn up 1,925 dollars and more to get catty her dog! it’s not like $$ appears out of thin air!
belluvsawesome: I don’t know. I’m jealous?
sandyiscool999: why is that a question?
belluvsawesome: ‘cuz I don’t know my feelings. I like catty n violet alright! caurli and anndi are just ducks, I guess.
sandyiscool999: ducks?
belluvsawesome: followers, I guess.
sandyiscool999: what’s the answer, still of your hate to violet/ and jealousy.. why?
belluvsawesome: well, I had money problems too when I was little. I couldn’t find a place to stay, though now im rich. so I asked catty to stay with her, since her family sometimes rooms with others, since they need money to pay their rent. their house was empty at the time. but catty refused. she said no, no matter how many times I begged her. then, violet just had to say, please? and then catty let her. maybe catty and I aren’t very close, after all. and when violet says, tell catty hi, I can’t. should I say, your bff says hi? no, I am a jealous creature, but I do have sa.
sandyiscool999: oh.
belluvsawesome: please don’t tell violet or catty. don’t. and you hate me, don’t you?
sandyiscool999: actually, I understand your point. and I don’t hate you! but who’s sa?
belluvsawesome: Smith Anthony! back together 🙂
sandyiscool999: okay, um, well, bye!
belluvsawesome: you are nice, maybe nicer than kana!
sandyiscool99: not 😦
belluvsawesome: ok, you’re not- but you are a very good listener.
sandyiscool999: thanks, you are nice, too- deep inside you!
sandyiscool999: bye!
belluvsawesome: wait!!
sandyiscool999: what?
belluvsawesome: thanks for listening. talk later 🙂
sandyiscool999: yes! totally! and- well,-
belluvsawesome: well, what?
sandyiscool999: I think caurli and anndi admire you- that’s why they follow you!
belluvsawesome: I needed to hear that! bye!
sandyiscool999: bye!

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