Should Huggy Stay at SADA?

I need help. Should I stay? I’m stuck. PLEASE help! I need to make my choice- and fast, before it’s too late! And who wants that to happen?
Um, well, also think about my previous post and weigh the goods and the bads about leaving and the goods and the bads about staying! Thanks, it’ll be helpful!


CNC- forgiven….. or not?

Um, well please say TOTALLY YES! (Or whatever you think!)
But I think CNC should be forgiven- she deserves it- totally! Did you read her heart breaking post? Well, my heart was a knife cut into two! OMS (oh my sadness!)
So please think about your answer- CNC is a friend, after all! Go to the Search button and hit WCSOTG and read all the posts when CNC was a dear friend! So, please- let us give the spotted Dalmatian another chance!


Catty and the TRIO?!?!?!?

Why do you think Catty is back to the trio?! Is it possible that…
Well give your answer why Catty hesitated to say NO! to the evils! Wait for Violet’s other diary entry!

Did you pass the test??!?

Gates, had a test to see if he will be now Gatespaw! Well, you could also take the test! How well did you do? How well do you know your SADA dog stuff? Is paw going to be added to your name? Take the poll, to see if others got the same results as you, or different!

If you got 1 answer correct you got: 20% (F!!)
If you got 2 correct you got: 40% (Still f!)
If you got 3 correct you got: 60% (STill a F!)
If you got 4 correct you got: 80% (A b+!)
If you got 5 correct you got: 100% (An A+! Great job!)

Gates- Where do I go?

Will Muggy get caught?!?

Will Muggy get caught? Or will she get away with her sinister plot of getting the Pool ID and being late for the meeting at exactly 5:02? You will see what consequences Muggy will have to face in order to keep herself at SADA!

Am I ready?

Before I tell you what happened at my speech… please answer this poll on what you think will happen next! What will happen?
+Cue scary music+


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