December 31st!

Gulp. today is December 31st.
Decision day! Tell SADA dog about plans day! So many events, but I am still with doubt.
I just am not sure about my choices yet. kana is- she plans to tell SADA dog- all by herself. part of me feels left out, but the other half doesn’t feel left out. And why should I feel this way when I am surrounded by…. by… I don’t know- friends, I guess.
Why do we have to make choices?
Which is regret such a strong word? life would be easy if we just had someone we trusted to navigate our lives. That’s what cats have. That’s what princess used to have.
But it’s too sad now.
we have to make the choices and face the consequences and choose our paths. it’s our choice whether to be selfish or brave, nice or mean. And then we wonder: What would have happened if I chose the other option? But, too bad. We only live once. And nobody is willing to live again a life full of dread and being tormented. And who wants guilt?
I bet the evils are heavy with guilt! Who wouldn’t be after declaring war! And, well the more I think about it, the more doubt I have. I can’t choose, I just can’t. This is a great mystery to me- why to do we face so many troubles?
I think for a while, and then the answer comes to me, crystal clear: So we can overcome them.


Should Huggy Stay at SADA?

I need help. Should I stay? I’m stuck. PLEASE help! I need to make my choice- and fast, before it’s too late! And who wants that to happen?
Um, well, also think about my previous post and weigh the goods and the bads about leaving and the goods and the bads about staying! Thanks, it’ll be helpful!


A Tearful Goodbye??!


I have made a decision- I will leave SADA, to go back home. I have no choice- Kana said we were breaking apart. What’s the point…. if we’re not even together? Ugh. I feel mucky and gooey. I would usually go to gates to talk it out, but now? gates is tired, lethargic and all he does is grunt. Missions aren’t going to come easily to him… especially the near coming battle. And CNC telling all that- makes me suspicious. And Catty- I only heard from her yesterday, but today? It’s almost noon- and no sign of a post at all! This is unbelievable.
I have to say goodbye to SADA and SADA dog- even though I commented on Sada Dog’s new blog- and it made me laugh aloud- and I wonder if the gang- no, my so called ‘friends’- read it also! But we aren’t friends anymore. the words I am typing make me cringe. I don’t want to listen to Kana- why was she so mean?? It confused me, no wait- it still confuses me. I don’t think kana has ever done anything to harm anyone.
So I’m going to request a chat- with everyone, including SADA dog- so I can break the news to him.
I wonder if Sandy is going to leave after me- because she has two forbidden friends- not like Violet who is just friendly with Catty. Friendly? Friends? Those words used to make me feel sunshine and rainbows and now I feel like throwing up. I feel sick and dizzy- but I won’t type more.
I will tell everything to every one during the chat! Ha, I wonder what they’ll say when I’ll announce that I’m leaving. I can imagine gates grimacing, Princess getting worried, Sandy saying, ‘eh?’, Kana frowning with grimness, SADA dog shocked, Muggy disappointed, Catty and Violet looking as if they’ll faint, and the evils smiling.
I can’t do it, but I have to. for the Gang’s sake. I just have no other chance to escape this nightmare come true.


Dear CNC… from Kana :)


“Dear CNC,
This is my first letter to you. I am sorry- you might feel rejected but don’t! Just realize, we still appreciate you, even though you left us! I laugh at our adventures and relive them every time I read WCSOTG, too! I read your post, and I would forgive you! I wouldn’t hold a thing behind our friendship- so what are you waiting for? Please return! I miss you!! I think we all do! So after the brutal battle, let’s all become the gang again- full and complete! And I hope you don’t hold a thing against us! So well, see you January 2nd! Please reply as quick as you can! I will appreciate it!

Paws and Barks,
Kana :)”

Face Your Fears


Huggy here. Um, hi, I guess. Remember my piece- about the secrets? Well, I lost that pact and logged on to private posts- I really regretted it for a second, until I saw sandyiscool999 has a mini chat with belluvsawesome. I wanted to desperately tell violet and Catty- but I was frozen
With guilt, with fear and with- hatred? No- with anger towards Sandy? Yes- that she kept such a secret away from me! I feel so abandoned, and my bond between the gang is breaking. We’re all slowly drifting apart, we are. I mean, Muggy and I are as close as ever- but the rest? Well, I think SADA drove us apart…. from Catty.
There was another interesting post- from Catty! Hope flickered inside me when I read it- she missed us! But that she wished she was back- irked me. So I was happy? that was wrong. I am so confused- I don’t know where I stand now. Kana and I haven’t completed our mission- and well, we have two days. Only Muggy notices me- there are bigger troubles then my petty little ones.
I just feel so horrible. I don’t know why I am here, standing so.. so strong at SADA, like my insecurities don’t exist. How well I hide it.
Well- bye. I won’t mark this private- I might just delete this!

Excitement is Good For You


Muggy here!!!
I don’t have a lot to say- except that SADA dog gave me a little mission! Mini- maybe, but important- very!!

MISSION: go to Adopt Me, Please!

I don’t know more- except that I have to go now! I am so excited- only a few days into Muggypaw- and I am already getting a mission! YES!!!!

sandyiscool999 has a mini chat with belluvsawesome

Chatroom: sandyiscool999, belluvsawesome
sandyiscool999: so you requested this chat, huh?
belluvsawesome: yes, so?
sandyiscool999: this is awkward!
belluvsawesome: no, it isn’t. you are cool.
sandyiscool999: is this a joke?
belluvsawesome: whatddya mean?
sandyiscool999: duh. you don’t compliment! violet & catty both told stories about you- and I should know by now, that you aren’t very.. welcoming!
belluvsawesome: gee, I thought you were the nicest in the gang!
sandyiscool999: is that why the chat was requested?
belluvsawesome: guilty as charged- but I should’ve asked kana!
sandyiscool999: yeah, kana is a risk-I-take-you-don’t girl!
belluvsawesome: yeah, I totally agree1
sandyiscool999: bel, can I ask you a totally random question?
belluvsawesome: I guess.
sandyiscool999: why do you hate Violet so much? I mean, really! The trio- led by you- wanted Violet to get dogs- THREE! I mean, literally. it took violet a long time to earn up 1,925 dollars and more to get catty her dog! it’s not like $$ appears out of thin air!
belluvsawesome: I don’t know. I’m jealous?
sandyiscool999: why is that a question?
belluvsawesome: ‘cuz I don’t know my feelings. I like catty n violet alright! caurli and anndi are just ducks, I guess.
sandyiscool999: ducks?
belluvsawesome: followers, I guess.
sandyiscool999: what’s the answer, still of your hate to violet/ and jealousy.. why?
belluvsawesome: well, I had money problems too when I was little. I couldn’t find a place to stay, though now im rich. so I asked catty to stay with her, since her family sometimes rooms with others, since they need money to pay their rent. their house was empty at the time. but catty refused. she said no, no matter how many times I begged her. then, violet just had to say, please? and then catty let her. maybe catty and I aren’t very close, after all. and when violet says, tell catty hi, I can’t. should I say, your bff says hi? no, I am a jealous creature, but I do have sa.
sandyiscool999: oh.
belluvsawesome: please don’t tell violet or catty. don’t. and you hate me, don’t you?
sandyiscool999: actually, I understand your point. and I don’t hate you! but who’s sa?
belluvsawesome: Smith Anthony! back together 🙂
sandyiscool999: okay, um, well, bye!
belluvsawesome: you are nice, maybe nicer than kana!
sandyiscool99: not 😦
belluvsawesome: ok, you’re not- but you are a very good listener.
sandyiscool999: thanks, you are nice, too- deep inside you!
sandyiscool999: bye!
belluvsawesome: wait!!
sandyiscool999: what?
belluvsawesome: thanks for listening. talk later 🙂
sandyiscool999: yes! totally! and- well,-
belluvsawesome: well, what?
sandyiscool999: I think caurli and anndi admire you- that’s why they follow you!
belluvsawesome: I needed to hear that! bye!
sandyiscool999: bye!

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