“HOWL” a word from Gates


Gates here. this will be sort of long, though. I wrote this thing 24/7 so I could present it here today.
Huggy, as you know, is on the picture. She is so sweet, but I feel so bad- she can’t leave SADA! But how could Kana do this? Kana- sweet, kind Kana- did this? It’s hard to believe, if you think about it. Kana was the one who pushed me through the rocks, when she could have left me to face my death. But no, she saved me. Isn’t that the most amazing thing? And Kana loves to listen to others- she is last in line in her own eyes. But now- Kana wants CNC so desperately, I’m surprised CNC isn’t asking Kana to join. Let’s hope she says no.
And Catty? Well, she’s gone, too. Princess= SACA!
Everybody is drifting apart, I have to say, HOWL!!!!!
NOthing is better than just grimacing and crying and letting all the tears just wash away. I read Huggy’s posts- she really should become a writer- she is as good as Kana- and that’s saying a lot! Kana won the “BDW (Best Dog Writer) Award” and kana was all smileys for the whole week, but that’s KAna. Kana seems like a really different dog now- like she doesn’t appreciate what she already has. She needs MORE, MORE, MORE!
And now- me! I am getting worse. My eyesight is dimming- and I can barely see figures and outlines. My hearing is getting worse, too- you have to shout for me to even hear a mere whisper. And my legs hurt like crazy! My paws are bent and they feel like if I put too much pressure, they will craxk.
Uh, Arthritis!
This just really stinks to me- I have the worst life of the whoel gang. Sure, maybe they have their own problems, but none of them is literally sick with disease. Or if they are, I hope they will feel better in time for New Year’s day- which is TOMORROW!! Oh, my woof- I am so excited!
Sada Dog is planning to throw a new year’s Party!!!
Um, well- bye for now!

GATES ____++)

The Requested Chat

Chatroom: kryteers, secretstealer, mysteryMWAhha, huggythepugno.1, COOKIEcrumbs789, iamablackpug789, princessqueen456, sadadog, gates123, sandyiscool999, belluvsawesome, violetpetluvah, cattygurlrulz, kanaboxer
cattygurlrulz: v? are you here? bel, you 2?
belluvsawesome: here, yah. I can understand why you are friends with some of the dogs here!
cattygurlrulz: you can?
sandyiscool999: I can understand why you like Bel…
secretstealer: bel, what did you do behind my back?
belluvsawesome: nothing, I swear. I like ton make new friends. don’t you?
sadadog: Catty, how do you like home?
cattygurlrulz: it’s fine.
gates123: princess, SACA?
princesqueen456: I am on task one- but I just couldn’t refuse this chat request! 🙂 The leader, SACA Cat is really sweet, but one of the Cats mewswhisker is MEAN! 😦
huggythepugno.1: snort.
princessqueen456: what?
kryteers: whisker… instead of PAW? silly!
princessqueen456: I can scratch, you know!
iamablackpug789: we know. you literally ripped out my eyeball!
COOKIEcrumbs789: mine, too! remember… it was so funny, I was almost with one eye, instead of two.
kanaboxer: yup! SOO… funny! I don’t want you to have only one eye!
sadadog: some of us might…
gates123: what do you mean, SADA dog, by that?
sadadog: nothing!
huggythepugno.1: um, well- so I have an announcement!
kanaboxer: DON’t!! I read your post!
COOKIEcrumbs789: I did too!
mysteryMWAhha: what? you still go on that blog?
COOKIEcrumbs789: yeah, I just read their posts n secrets (HA!)
secretstealer: good job, cnc!
sadadog: that’s not nice!
sandyiscool999: but bel said otherwise…..
secretstealer: sandy and bel? what’s up with you two? I have to know why you are both whispering and giggling like crazy! it hurt me 😦
belluvsawesome: sorry!
sandyiscool999: I second that! Sorry!
huggythepugno.1: please- stop! I have an announcement- I’m going to leave SADA!
sadadog: what?!!!!!
kanaboxer: huggy- no! make your decision later!
cattygurlrulz: yeah, huggy- no! life back here is boring! you can’t miss the fight!
kanaboxer: yes, huggy no!
gates123: leave? why- is it ’cause of me?
princessqueen456: I like SACA- but I’m not leaving you- or SADA!
iamablackpug789: our best secret agent- my best friend- gone?
huggythepugno.1: sorry- I just can’t.
kryteers: why? why? why do you wanna leave? I’m not saying it’s bad- I like it, but I wanna know- curious of me!
mysteryMWAhha: what made you change your mind?
kanaboxer: it was me.
sandyiscool999: KANA?!?
violetpetluvah: really?!?!
kanaboxer: I told huggy today that the gang needed space.. and we weren’t friends, and Huggy’s now mad and wants to leave 😦
iamablackpug789: you won’t, right, huggy? and kana? I’m at a loss for words!
kanaboxer: I regret it too. I shouldn’t have said anything.
gates123: oh well.
kanaboxer: thanks, gates. you understand-
gates123: no, what? I said oh well to Wronklette- we are also chatting!
huggythepugno.1: wronk o lay? back to her? kana’s right!
kanaboxer: I’m not!
sadadog; huggy I’ll give it to you till tomorrow to think, ok?
huggythepugno.1: ok
kryteers: SAY NO! SAY NO!
mysteryMWAhha: best secret agent- gone, ha! too petty for them!
secretstealer: so? they deserve to lose one! we don’t!
kryteers: already 3459 dogs! come on- we’re wasting our time here!
COOKIEcrumbs789: i’ll come in a sec!
secretstealer: great! come on!
COOKIEcrumbs789: guys, n dogs? bye!
belluvsawesome: see you, CNC!
huggythepugno.1: good luck and thanks for the post!
kanaboxer: I second that! thanks!
COOKIEcrumbs789: no prob!

Excitement is Good For You


Muggy here!!!
I don’t have a lot to say- except that SADA dog gave me a little mission! Mini- maybe, but important- very!!

MISSION: go to Adopt Me, Please!

I don’t know more- except that I have to go now! I am so excited- only a few days into Muggypaw- and I am already getting a mission! YES!!!!

WHOLE CRAZY STORY OF THE GANG (previously Bel And Smith Anthony sitting in a tree)

( continued from WHOLE CRAZY STORY OF THE GANG (previously Smith Anthony’s Secret)

Violet: She’s what?
Smith Anthony: My girlfriend.
(Violet’s face flushes. How could she have thought that Smith Anthony would like her??)
Smith Anthony: Bel is so pretty. She told me Catty’s fake sista bettah get her a pet for her birthday…that girl’s name is VIOLET! Weird, huh? Isn’t that your name?
(Violet gulps)
Violet: Y-y-y-y-yeah….
Smith Anthony: Well, since your here lemme tell you a secret.
(Violet leans forward)
Smith Anthony: Seen and Anni are BAD! They plan…to just sell strays for thousands for dollars!
Violet: Bliss…was found on the street?
Smith Anthony: I think so. I go along with the plan, because they pay well, and I need money for Bel’s new gown for her birthday gift from me. So I better save up.
(Violet’s face clouds over. She shuts her eyes, ignoring the word Bel)
Violet: This stinks. We have to stop them…
(Smith Anthony doubles with laughter)
Smith Anthony: SERIOUSLY????You think I want to stop them??? It’s a great idea! Ha ha ha!
(Violet’s face flushes)
Violet: I want to stop them. It’s not fair. And by the way, Bel and Smith sittin’ in a tree, KISSING!
(Smith Anthony’s eyes widen and his eyes squint, he looks almost sad or angry or both. He shakes his head and you can almost see the fury in his eyes)
Violet: Bliss come, on!
(Muggy sighs. She’s tired of this. When will she be back in her home???)
Violet: Well, let’s stand up to Seen and Anni.
(Violet walks up to Anni, who is dealing with a brown poodle)
Anni: Another newbie? What’s your name? I’m Annigregu, but called Anni.
Violet: It’s Violet. I adopted Bliss from here, Adopt Me, Please.
(It’s Muggy! Muggy thinks while Violet cradles Muggy in her arms)
Anni: You work?
Violet: Yeah. What’s that poodles’ name?
(Violet pets the curly fur on the poodle, which is surprisingly smooth)
Anni: well, that’s Cocoa. Sweet, right? Want her? workers get half price….
(Violet smiles)
Violet: No thanks, th..
(That moment a tall teenage girl strolls by Violet, Anni and Cocoa. The teenager had short black hair, piercing green eyes, sweeping bangs, pale skin, and an incredible outfit. She wore black leggings under her leather shorts, tall black boots, bunch of bangles and matching hoop earrings, a black tank top and a leather faux jacket with fur.)
Teenager: Hello. I am new. I am searching or a dog for my birthday. My sister, Bel is getting one from a girl. Unfair. She’s popular, pretty, naturally mean but awing and she has a great fashion sense. It’s always her the compliments are paid to. I complained to my mom, and she gave me money to get a puppy. So here I am.
Anni (awed): No way! You are loved. Your outfit is awesome, and you are really sweet, and kind.
Violet: Bel’s sister????
teenager: Her friends are the “trio” group and a sweet girl named Catty! Awk-ward!
Violet: You’re…..different from Bel. Not snotty or perfect…you’re like everyone else… nice and imperfect. What’s your name? And IM name? I so want to text you!!
Teenager: I’m Andianna; like my sister I have a nickname, Anna.
(Anni clears his throat)
Anni: So Anna, what about Cocoa?
Anna: Cocoa is perfect. How much will that be?
Anni: How old are you? DO you know how to drive?
Anna: Turning 18, and yeah, I know how to drive.
Anni: Well, the normal bill is 1,800, but since you have your DL, you have to pay an extra 134.

To be continued in……WHOLE CRAZY STORY OF THE GANG (previously Anna’s Help)

See n See

( continued from Mug the Hug )
” Catch!” Kana cried, throwing the frisbee to me.
I caught it in my mouth, my canine teeth digging slightly into the plastic.
“Huggy your turn!” Kana called, snatching the frisbee from me and tossing it into Huggy’s direction.
Huggy tried to run to catch it, but she was too slow.
It was the funniest sight, a pug trying to run at the speed of a Whippet.
“I’ll catch it next time,” Huggy panted, her pink tongue lapping for some breaths of air.
“We’ll see,” winked Kana directly to me. I nodded, distantly.
I missed my home and even my school.
I missed Curly’s constant bullying. Wrinkles and Muggy her two followers, who always agreed to her rude comments.
But I felt a wave of guilt go over me.
Why should I think about my other friends? I was with my Bff, Kana.
And Kana was first on my Bff list right?

But truth to the bone, I missed Woofete, my bestie golden Retriever.
She had a long golden coat, shaggy eyes, a sweet personality and kind look-into-my-soul eyes.
Woofete was so sweet and kind.

“…….ok?” Huggy explained loudly, taking my mind back to Earth.
“OK,” Kana agreed.
I gave a distant nod, even though I had no idea what the fawn pug was talking about.
“Let’s find Muggy!” Huggy cried!
Muggy? Curly’s follower? Where?
Why did Huggy want to find that piece of wasted garbadge who had ruined her life following Curly?

_ Cookies ‘n Cream_ **

( to be continued in The search for Muggy)