INSURGENT is the second book in the thrilling DIVERGENT series by VEronica Roth. Join Beatrice (Tris) is her faction world- future Chicago which is left in ruins. But Tris is overwhelmed with guilt and she has a complicated relationship with one of the leaders of her faction. Her parents are dead- and her brother, Caleb may have betrayed her is more ways than once.
INSURGENT is a great adventure book for anyone who loves to relive a crazy journey of hope, love and bravery. So join in INSURGENT and the books you will read will never be looked at in the same way as before.

The Cutest Pug Ever


Huggy here, again. kana posted this picture…. is it cute??
Um, well, Thanks I guess. Kana and I have a chat scheduled soon…. better go!


The Three Pugsketeers


I just finished reading The Three Musketeers! It is a really good book- and it will stay in your heart forever! Adventure is at every turn- but there is dangerous Milady who threatens to ruin the close relationship of the three musketeers.
Many people think there are three musketeers- but there are actually four!
So this thrilling adventure classic of The three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas will have you all night reading this adventurous adventure!

All for one, one for all!

“I’m Back!”

"I'm back!"

“I’m back!”

Hi! Princess here! I read catty’s post- and I want to tell catty that I miss her, too!
We had so much fun together!
But Now, Huggy has to go on- for a chat! Sorry 😦


Answers to a test!

Here are the answers to the questions in the post Gates- the test- how did it go?:

1.  a.       SADA stands for Secret Agent Dog Association!

2. d       Obviously CNC, Seen, Anni, Smith Anthony!

3. c      You earn the suffix paw when you finish the tests!

4. c      After becoming an assistant, you earn the suffix menace.

5. d     It usually takes 2-4 months to take the test!


If you got bad results- and failed- read back more posts and take the quiz again, so you don’t miss any fun SADA dog adventures with the gang- trust me- trouble is brewing……




Another Cool Blog to Check On

Another awesome blog to check out is where you will trace the journey of five girl and their heart stopping adventures! Learn how to make a fishtail, learn Mara’s Likes and Dislikes and learn exciting and surprising things about the five girl trying to fight out the power of evil.
So check it out, and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Here is a trusty link to check it out:

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Thank you!

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