Should Huggy Stay at SADA?

I need help. Should I stay? I’m stuck. PLEASE help! I need to make my choice- and fast, before it’s too late! And who wants that to happen?
Um, well, also think about my previous post and weigh the goods and the bads about leaving and the goods and the bads about staying! Thanks, it’ll be helpful!


Friends Smiends


Huggy here!
This isn’t a picture of me, but I just found it, and thought it was SO SO cute! (I got it from my calendar, which I got for Christmas! SHH! Don’t tell!)
Um, well, I read CNC’s post.
I bet you did, too! And my heart melted! Kana and I completed the mission! Now, we know their battle plan, still doubt trickles me. What if CNC made it up? What if she did? Kana read it, too, and she approved 100% that CNC was telling the truth. I am still hesitating, and I don’t want to tell SADA dog, just yet.
Maybe later…….?
Also, Sandy has been ignorant. Don’t blame her- she has made two evil friends- Bel and Star Stripe! She should feel guilty!
Princess is taking the SACA test- and I wonder how it’s going. I can’t believe she agreed- but thankfully, it’s only part time- not that she will spending her days and nights at SACA- I hope. I also wonder what name they get after they finish Secret Agent Training. Whisker…? Tail….? Paw, in my opinion, is so much better. But princess already has PrincessPaw! Will her training be done forever at this rate? I sure hope not. She tried hard, I have to admit that!
The world is a crazy place. and I plan to survive it!!


Tears of Sandy


I know there’s a picture of Huggy here- but I’m Sandy!
I have to mark this as ‘Private!’
It’s just, ’cause, I saw Star Stripe. SO brave and determined. We’ve really bonded over the last two days. Well, I thought so, until she revealed her secret is such a casual way, I almost dropped! She said, “Sandy- join us! The Pups are on it, too! Smith Anthony says, ‘CNC mourns for Sandy! She likes having a secret admirer!'”
And I nearly dropped- was my Bff really on the evil team? And the pups- Curly and Wrinkles let me down! Muggy and I used to be part of the team, too- until I left to find CNc, and Muggy left to find me. And then we became friends- the end. And no way, would I be back to those evils! No way!
“No. Go. you don’t belong!!” I had cried, and then, Star Stripe looked at me, hurt and wounded. Then, she trotted away.
Maybe it’s partly my fault Star Stripe is gone! And I feel horrible! Star Stripe does belong with Sada Dog! Sada dog trusts her! But I can’t tell that to Sada dog- and I think Violet and Catty know it, too! But, I am too filled with guilt to write- bye!


Cattypaw- doesn’t exist

Hello! Catty here! Remember when I said- I couldn’t find anything to write about? Well, I think I’ll be writing more often- so the gang and I can still be in touch! I miss Muggy, Huggy, Kana, Violet, Gates, princess and SADA dog! I feel terrible for going to the trio! But Bel is getting super nice to me! She got me a new dress- with red sparkles and sequins! Pretty! Anndi is also getting better- but she’s kind of mean. Caurli- wow, she’s sugar to me! Mom and Dad celebrated my celebration back home, and they even got me a dog- since Bliss, erm MUGGY- is gone at SADA! I miss SADA- it was kind of challenging- and now I have to go back to school- high school. Sigh. 17 years old is tough to be when you’re Catirfula! But anyways, it felt good to be home. I missed every detail of it- but without Violet, it’s kind of lonely. Without Kana, I feel best, and without Princess the kitty? Life’s hard. I miss Princess- my catty (you get it?) friend! But I have to adjust now! Well, I’m going on now! Maybe SADA dog has some news!
Well, bye!

Huggy: This is Better than I thought!


OMG! This is so cool! I am allowed to go wherever I want. Training is going to start and I am so excited !!!
Catty and Violet seemed a bit awkward. I can’t blame them! Everyone here was a Dog!!
And you won’t believe it! Gates found a old bulldog friend named Wronklette (English pronunciation: Wronkolay)They both are blind and deaf!! I mean, and Wronklette is like, one of the best training dogs!!
I also met a group of three pugs: Pugsy, Puglette, Pugsinna!! They were all super nice! I am now going into my dorm/crate room! I am with Muggy! It is like a suite here! We have a mini kitchen, a bathroom, exclusive HUMAN beds and we are on the 79th floor! We have a great view out the window! Catty and Violet are next door, next to them are Gates and Wronklette, across from us is Sandy and Kana, Pa is alone (?) and Princess is with a cat called Crinklbee!
Ahh…. I’m sinking into the PetJacuzzi….
Muggy: You can be away from the computer for a minute!
Me: Coming!!

“arf” a word from gates

Hi, “arf!” I’m Gates, and I LOVE, to walk around the house, well not really, But I have news: One of the recipes from the book, Doggy Desserts has been testified DELICIOUS 10 from me. Lick your lips and call me yummy!!!!!! It’s flavor is simply divine, why can’t we all be treated like kings and queens? I know you are familiar with “Bark’ and “Woof” a word from Gates, and I know you probably have been waiting from a word from me and yeah, here it is: (drumroll) ARF A WORD FROM GATES! It’s just a small review of Doggy Desserts which is a lively, exciting book that you will be baking all day! So order the book now, and your dog will love you!



Treat Your pet Like a Queen

Use this easy and fun to make recipe (not for yourself) for your beloved pet!!

Strawberry Frost
You need:

  • 2 1/2 cups frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

Place at ingredients in blender or food processor, cover and blend until smooth. If you are not going to serve the strawberry frost immediately, pour the mixture into a freezer-safe container. Freeze until firm. Remove the container from the freezer, and allow the frost to soften before serving.

Yield: Approximately 2 1/3 cups


*This recipe is from the book, Doggy Desserts by Cheryl Gianfrancesco


Treat Me Like a Treat


My owner bought this in mistake. Sadly, I will not try them until I am ready for a change in diet….but that’s Okay?
I guess.
I wish I could taste one bit of that wet Wellness food……….. Tastalicious!
Oh well….

Pugs and Kisses,

Ps. That jar is one of the treat jars!!!