“HOWL” a word from Gates


Gates here. this will be sort of long, though. I wrote this thing 24/7 so I could present it here today.
Huggy, as you know, is on the picture. She is so sweet, but I feel so bad- she can’t leave SADA! But how could Kana do this? Kana- sweet, kind Kana- did this? It’s hard to believe, if you think about it. Kana was the one who pushed me through the rocks, when she could have left me to face my death. But no, she saved me. Isn’t that the most amazing thing? And Kana loves to listen to others- she is last in line in her own eyes. But now- Kana wants CNC so desperately, I’m surprised CNC isn’t asking Kana to join. Let’s hope she says no.
And Catty? Well, she’s gone, too. Princess= SACA!
Everybody is drifting apart, I have to say, HOWL!!!!!
NOthing is better than just grimacing and crying and letting all the tears just wash away. I read Huggy’s posts- she really should become a writer- she is as good as Kana- and that’s saying a lot! Kana won the “BDW (Best Dog Writer) Award” and kana was all smileys for the whole week, but that’s KAna. Kana seems like a really different dog now- like she doesn’t appreciate what she already has. She needs MORE, MORE, MORE!
And now- me! I am getting worse. My eyesight is dimming- and I can barely see figures and outlines. My hearing is getting worse, too- you have to shout for me to even hear a mere whisper. And my legs hurt like crazy! My paws are bent and they feel like if I put too much pressure, they will craxk.
Uh, Arthritis!
This just really stinks to me- I have the worst life of the whoel gang. Sure, maybe they have their own problems, but none of them is literally sick with disease. Or if they are, I hope they will feel better in time for New Year’s day- which is TOMORROW!! Oh, my woof- I am so excited!
Sada Dog is planning to throw a new year’s Party!!!
Um, well- bye for now!

GATES ____++)

Catty Has Something To Say!


Look what I bought for a Dog’s Halloween Party! Faux food with a fat content! Hahhahhaahahah!


Ps. This is my first post. I don’t get how Kana or Huggy write ten posts! I barely have anything to say!!! Oh well! See you tomorrow! Wait, Huggy and Kana will do the writing! Plus Gates is joining!!

Still Making the SADA decision…….

Should we…. or should we not?? Sigh. I am so confused! SADA starts soon and Violet accepted! I’m still making up my mind!! Can you please help me decide! +please+


Pumpkin Love


This is me as a delicious pumpkin! Please ask Kana what she is going to be! She hasn’t told me yet and I am dying to know!!!
I mean, really.
All I know she is grieving the loss of CNC. Okay, I am too, but at least I was found!
It took ten day’s work, huh?