December 31st!

Gulp. today is December 31st.
Decision day! Tell SADA dog about plans day! So many events, but I am still with doubt.
I just am not sure about my choices yet. kana is- she plans to tell SADA dog- all by herself. part of me feels left out, but the other half doesn’t feel left out. And why should I feel this way when I am surrounded by…. by… I don’t know- friends, I guess.
Why do we have to make choices?
Which is regret such a strong word? life would be easy if we just had someone we trusted to navigate our lives. That’s what cats have. That’s what princess used to have.
But it’s too sad now.
we have to make the choices and face the consequences and choose our paths. it’s our choice whether to be selfish or brave, nice or mean. And then we wonder: What would have happened if I chose the other option? But, too bad. We only live once. And nobody is willing to live again a life full of dread and being tormented. And who wants guilt?
I bet the evils are heavy with guilt! Who wouldn’t be after declaring war! And, well the more I think about it, the more doubt I have. I can’t choose, I just can’t. This is a great mystery to me- why to do we face so many troubles?
I think for a while, and then the answer comes to me, crystal clear: So we can overcome them.


Should Huggy Stay at SADA?

I need help. Should I stay? I’m stuck. PLEASE help! I need to make my choice- and fast, before it’s too late! And who wants that to happen?
Um, well, also think about my previous post and weigh the goods and the bads about leaving and the goods and the bads about staying! Thanks, it’ll be helpful!


Excitement is Good For You


Muggy here!!!
I don’t have a lot to say- except that SADA dog gave me a little mission! Mini- maybe, but important- very!!

MISSION: go to Adopt Me, Please!

I don’t know more- except that I have to go now! I am so excited- only a few days into Muggypaw- and I am already getting a mission! YES!!!!

The Arctic Plunge (At Splash Down beach)

Water splashes at my face, I have to squint my eyes.
The roar of the water echoes my eyes, my nose scents the wet smell.
My body is zooming, zooming.. until…
It stops.
The ride is over. I am greeted by my sister, in the space next to me.
Her cocoa brown eyes, silky brown hair, and sweet smile is enough for me to recover. (From a heart beating and hiccups!)
“The Arctic Plunge is fun!” I tell my sister. It is. The speed, the rush…the glory and just the ride itself has the power to shake a 56 year old. But it doesn’t give you shivers, it just gives you a smile and a last breath, “I did it! I finally made it!”
The arctic plunge is SplashDown’s newest ride.
Splash Down, America’s Biggest Little Waterpark is in Fishkill, NY.
The arctic plunge is done this way:
Four people, are face forward on mats, chin on the fuzzy spongy mat and hands on the springs in the top, eyes closed (well, I close my eyes, because of the splashing water!!) and you release going trough a tunnel, then into a water filled space, four lines, where you stop.
The arctic Plunge is a fun, refreshing blog that is sure to make you have a blast!