December 31st!

Gulp. today is December 31st.
Decision day! Tell SADA dog about plans day! So many events, but I am still with doubt.
I just am not sure about my choices yet. kana is- she plans to tell SADA dog- all by herself. part of me feels left out, but the other half doesn’t feel left out. And why should I feel this way when I am surrounded by…. by… I don’t know- friends, I guess.
Why do we have to make choices?
Which is regret such a strong word? life would be easy if we just had someone we trusted to navigate our lives. That’s what cats have. That’s what princess used to have.
But it’s too sad now.
we have to make the choices and face the consequences and choose our paths. it’s our choice whether to be selfish or brave, nice or mean. And then we wonder: What would have happened if I chose the other option? But, too bad. We only live once. And nobody is willing to live again a life full of dread and being tormented. And who wants guilt?
I bet the evils are heavy with guilt! Who wouldn’t be after declaring war! And, well the more I think about it, the more doubt I have. I can’t choose, I just can’t. This is a great mystery to me- why to do we face so many troubles?
I think for a while, and then the answer comes to me, crystal clear: So we can overcome them.


Violet Reads a Post

Um, Violet here. Huggy asked me to insert this very cute pic of her, and I complied. Cute, right?
But Huggy told me how to view private posts today, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, until now. I have the tab open…… but I can’t.
I slowly close my eyes, and click it, and yes- EUREKA!- it works.
I stare at the blank screen. There are quite a few private posts, including my diary entries! Did Huggy read them? I push the doubt away- I need to trust my friend to actually go on this blog. I close my eyes and breathe and then something catches my eye.
sandyiscool999 has mini chat with belluvsawesome.
IS Catty included there? I close my eyes- and hesitate. Huggy did it- she read this, or why else would she have told me to check out the private posts? Am I traitor? Guilt over flows me, but my eyes scan the post.
Bel….. jealous of me? No way! That’s impossible! I keep reading- I can’t stop!
Is this true?!? My head swarms with dizziness. Bel… is she a phony? Is she back with Smith Anthony? Questions swarm my head, instead of dizziness.
No. I push my hand from the computer.
Sandy… sweet, ol’ Sandy? A- a -secret?
No. no. No!
But I close my eyes and remove myself from the computer.
Much better. The fear passes, and I glance at Muggy, playing like it’s an ordinary day.
It is. It is. It’s very ordinary. Let me post this as PRIVATE, let Huggy read it. Let her.
Let ME read it. Guilt pools me, and my stomach lurches.
Bye. Bye.

Star Stripe

Hello, I am Sada Dog, and I am going to introduce the meeting I had with a new student!
A dog, striped and scarred enters the office. She has dark, dark fur and intimidating eyes.
Dog: Hello, Darkmenace enrolled me!
I recall sending my trusted friend. Darkmenace is just like he sounds- a dark menace. But this poor dog? Sent to me. I am baffled, but I slowly inch to the newbie.
Me: What is your name?
Dog: Scar.
Me: A scar? You don’t have one. You shall have a new name.
Yes, I lie. I can’t help it. This poor, helpless dog needs my help. And I plan to help it.
Scar: What name, and what shall I do?
Me: You are a star, my striped one.
I think for a while, and a name as clear as day comes to me!
Me: Star Stripe! You will join Huggy and Kana on their mission!
Star Stripe: Star stripe, I like it. But what about Star Stripepaw?
I laugh- I can’t contain myself.
Me: Star Stripe, your name is a fight. So begone, be gone!
Star Stripe hesitates, as if to say something, but leaves, her tail high and waging.
I don’t know why I wrote this post- it just felt important. Little do I know- that it is!

Sister’s B-day

do bbday
It was my sister’s birthday! We went to the Bronx Zoo and ate dinner at Baumgarts! It was a fun day, getting to spend time all together. The day before I baked some cupcakes for the family to enjoy!
I wish it was my sister’s birthday every day!

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