A Secret Message!

Hiding Is the Best defense!

Hiding Is the Best defense!

Huggy here.
I read Kana’s letter. Don’t bark- don’t snarl- don’t! I lost my pact, so what? And I did get my congratulations from Kana! I was over the moon!
Kana: great job on your post!
Me: Thanks!
And Kana just smiled at me, her thick boxer coat gleaming, and she walked away, so proud and happy!
But reading Kana’s message to CNC made me want to throw up! I wish I didn’t read it! I just wish- oh, well. I did. And now I know Kana wants CNC back and she forgives her!
No way! CNc harmed SADA- she is evil- and coldhearted! She broke SADA and the gang- by leaving us- argh! So why should I ever forgive her? I have to mark this as ‘Private!’ Gates and Kana and the rest would never approve!
And Princess? Well, she’s living a life, that’s for sure! Friends, luxury, missions… Princess has it all! And Sada Dog is thinking of sending her partly to SACA (Secret Agent Cat Association!) But I won’t have it! We were already torn apart- do we need more? NO WAY!
Well, I know I have a lot of strong opinions, so please don’t use them against me!! Thanks!

Huggy ****( my old signoff :()

Cattypaw- doesn’t exist

Hello! Catty here! Remember when I said- I couldn’t find anything to write about? Well, I think I’ll be writing more often- so the gang and I can still be in touch! I miss Muggy, Huggy, Kana, Violet, Gates, princess and SADA dog! I feel terrible for going to the trio! But Bel is getting super nice to me! She got me a new dress- with red sparkles and sequins! Pretty! Anndi is also getting better- but she’s kind of mean. Caurli- wow, she’s sugar to me! Mom and Dad celebrated my celebration back home, and they even got me a dog- since Bliss, erm MUGGY- is gone at SADA! I miss SADA- it was kind of challenging- and now I have to go back to school- high school. Sigh. 17 years old is tough to be when you’re Catirfula! But anyways, it felt good to be home. I missed every detail of it- but without Violet, it’s kind of lonely. Without Kana, I feel best, and without Princess the kitty? Life’s hard. I miss Princess- my catty (you get it?) friend! But I have to adjust now! Well, I’m going on http://www.sadadogassociation.wordpress.com now! Maybe SADA dog has some news!
Well, bye!

My Thank You To Kana


You probably read Kana’s Diary. I cannot tell you how moved I am that instead of saving herself, like the rest, she came to save me, and trust me, I believe she is regretting it. But I am so grateful, that I will happy for the rest of my life. In two days, Kana will be released from the Hospital in a wheelchair and she will post pictures of herself healthy and okay again. She broke two legs, one foreleg and six ribs. I felt awful. I will also let you on this secret. After what happened, CNC whispered to me, “Be glad you didn’t get hurt, but she did instead.” My heart began to pound. I was not going to say that!!! It would have been selfish. But I have to tell you, something is wrong with CNC, she used to be a quiet dalmation, and now she seems to thrive on mistakes. But Kana, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gates- Worry Like a Wrinkle 2


I am so worried about Huggy! And the things we have to find…
What if we will never find them?



kanaboxer + gates123

kanaboxer: I found this in a book doing a search about that carnation. What do you think? I hope…..that it gives us info, but sadly it does NOT say where it find it. But if we want to find everything in just a mere 10 days, we better hurry up, before Huggy will be gone forever. We shared our memories…. what would life without Huggy be? We have to find that Lost Carnation. Then that ember, 10, 000 dollars and a rare penny! Hearts, kana!


gates123: um….thanks kana! read it! Now, trying to find out where to get that silly carnation! By the way, where did you find that useful book? The public library?
kanaboxer: yup! See you later Gates!
gates123: bye!

An extra Class

School hard? School fun and easy? Well, either way, I don’t have to go to school! Ha!
Gates: Maybe an obedience class…
No way!!
Gates: When I was a puppy….I had obedience class. Not too bad…but’s it’s still an extra class.
An extra class? What does that mean? Two classes at the school?
Gates: Huggy, no. It means that it depends more than just playing and getting a toy every time you ‘sit.’
Gates: No worries, it’s not writing better on a blog, it’s learning commands and learning to stop bad habits. So, you will never be as good as a writer as me, and you’ll never write, my blog posts.
Really???? You’re 18 years OLDER than me!
Gates: Really? I didn’t know that…
What do I do to avoid an extra class? Any way to do that?
Gates: What? I am deaf! And blind! I just slightly hear your bark and I sniff you on the blog and I know how to type from memory.
Sorry…for disrupting your nap….
Gates: ———————–
Gates?? GATES? Did you hear me???? Gates…..never mind. I’ll just chat with Princess.
Princess: Oh my.
(Princess runs away)
Huggy: Aww…………

Huggy, Gates & Princess………
starred in An extra Class by Puggyperson

Gates, Huggy and the New Toy Pug : See What Happens


Two pugs per day…. isn’t that little?


Ps. Gates has something to say.

gates: the meeting was yesterday!!! So is you just stop jumping over me… I would be the happiest old dog in the world.
Huggy: Sorry, and thanks for sharing.
Gates: No problem, and I don’t like that you posted Who’s that Yorkie in the bathroom? on your blog!
Huggy: Sorry x2. Again. Sorry. But you posted “bark” and “woof” a word from gates too!
Gates: Those were good posts!
Huggy: Well, so are mine!


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