Gates- the test- how did it go? (part one)

Right after I wrote that post- I went for the test. I will tell you everything- even from the most frightening moments!!
Well, I entered the big testing room. It was as big as a ballroom- or maybe even bigger! There was a lit chandelier and a small square desk. On it, was a sweet, delicious looking red velvet cupcake, which just tempted me. The wooden floorboards were very clean- I could see my own reflection!!!
I nervously sat down- to see SADA dog- and another dog. The other dog had dark fur, and a skinny body. It was full of scars- but it made the dog seem brave not ruined to the last one. Muggy was there, too, her sweet brown eyes, tilted.
Other dog: I am Star Stripe and I will announce the testing! May it begin with our two dogs here: Muggy and Gates. After this, Muggy will become Muggypaw, and Gates will become Gatespaw. So soon, our test of wits will begin!
Muggy: What happens if we fail?
Star Stripe chuckled, but stopped when he noticed the glare of SADA dog’s eyes.
Star Stripe: Well, you will try again… in two months, depending on your study! And you will still be Muggy!
Muggy shrunk under Star Stripe’s gaze, while I froze. Two months?!?! We had already been here for three- no way for five. I needed to be Gatespaw!
SADA dog: Okay, let’s let you guys begin! And remember this is only part one! I groaned to myself, but my dim eyesight readjusted to the shining light. Muggy was bent down over the paper, and writing- scribbling. I fidgeted, but quickly turned to write, so I wouldn’t fall behind!

1. What does the word SADA stand for?
a. Secret Agent Dog Association
b. Secret Agent Day And
c. Secret Agent Dog Associates
d. Secret Agent Dog Academy!

2. Who is our enemy?
a. SADA dog, Huggy, Catty, Violet
b. Star Stripe
c. Granddaddy
d. CNC, Seen, Anni, Smith Anthony!

3. After the tests’ passing, what suffix does your name end in?
a. shadow
b. menace
c. paw
d. dog

4. When you become an assistant, what suffix do you earn?
a. stripe
b. dog
c. menace
d. boxer

5. How long is the estimated training until a test?
a. a year- two years
b. 5- 10 months
c. 2-7 days
d. 2-4 months

What did YOU get on the test? Please give your answers, and wait for the nest post which will come with the results!

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