Violet Reads a Post

Um, Violet here. Huggy asked me to insert this very cute pic of her, and I complied. Cute, right?
But Huggy told me how to view private posts today, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, until now. I have the tab open…… but I can’t.
I slowly close my eyes, and click it, and yes- EUREKA!- it works.
I stare at the blank screen. There are quite a few private posts, including my diary entries! Did Huggy read them? I push the doubt away- I need to trust my friend to actually go on this blog. I close my eyes and breathe and then something catches my eye.
sandyiscool999 has mini chat with belluvsawesome.
IS Catty included there? I close my eyes- and hesitate. Huggy did it- she read this, or why else would she have told me to check out the private posts? Am I traitor? Guilt over flows me, but my eyes scan the post.
Bel….. jealous of me? No way! That’s impossible! I keep reading- I can’t stop!
Is this true?!? My head swarms with dizziness. Bel… is she a phony? Is she back with Smith Anthony? Questions swarm my head, instead of dizziness.
No. I push my hand from the computer.
Sandy… sweet, ol’ Sandy? A- a -secret?
No. no. No!
But I close my eyes and remove myself from the computer.
Much better. The fear passes, and I glance at Muggy, playing like it’s an ordinary day.
It is. It is. It’s very ordinary. Let me post this as PRIVATE, let Huggy read it. Let her.
Let ME read it. Guilt pools me, and my stomach lurches.
Bye. Bye.

A Nice Talk


Gates: Huggy, I read your post.
Me: You did?
gates nods, and sadly peers at me.
Gates: Huggy, your fears- your writing is beautiful. I admire it. And I’m sure Kana will congratulate you, too.
Me: kana doesn’t read our blog anymore. She would have posted something.
A smile plays on Gates’ dry lips.
Gates: Maybe she’s planning something!
I laugh. But Kana can’t be planning something! She is too preoccupied with her own stuff. Still, a flicker of hope burns inside me. Could Kana journey to the gang’s world again, instead of her own?
Gates: So, you know that -that we are not drifting apart!
Me: We aren’t?
Gates: From my mere 17 years, we drift apart, but we will pull together, soon.
I want to laugh. gates must be crazy! SOON? We were besties, not just ‘friends!’ We deserved our special time together!
Me: So when’s ‘soon?’
Gates chuckles, but it sounds stretched and pulled.
Gates: The battle.
Me: What?
Gates: the battle against the evils- we will win!
Ah, I like his determination, so I nod. Will we be back again?!?

Face Your Fears


Huggy here. Um, hi, I guess. Remember my piece- about the secrets? Well, I lost that pact and logged on to private posts- I really regretted it for a second, until I saw sandyiscool999 has a mini chat with belluvsawesome. I wanted to desperately tell violet and Catty- but I was frozen
With guilt, with fear and with- hatred? No- with anger towards Sandy? Yes- that she kept such a secret away from me! I feel so abandoned, and my bond between the gang is breaking. We’re all slowly drifting apart, we are. I mean, Muggy and I are as close as ever- but the rest? Well, I think SADA drove us apart…. from Catty.
There was another interesting post- from Catty! Hope flickered inside me when I read it- she missed us! But that she wished she was back- irked me. So I was happy? that was wrong. I am so confused- I don’t know where I stand now. Kana and I haven’t completed our mission- and well, we have two days. Only Muggy notices me- there are bigger troubles then my petty little ones.
I just feel so horrible. I don’t know why I am here, standing so.. so strong at SADA, like my insecurities don’t exist. How well I hide it.
Well- bye. I won’t mark this private- I might just delete this!

Excitement is Good For You


Muggy here!!!
I don’t have a lot to say- except that SADA dog gave me a little mission! Mini- maybe, but important- very!!

MISSION: go to Adopt Me, Please!

I don’t know more- except that I have to go now! I am so excited- only a few days into Muggypaw- and I am already getting a mission! YES!!!!

Catty is back!

Anndi, Bel and Caurli are over here. They are chatting and giggling. It’s a sleepover! And well, here I am, typing!
I don’t know what to say- Bel has said nothing to me. She is suddenly ignoring me! I don’t know why. Is it because I left and came back? At first, she was so warm and welcoming, which is a surprising quality for her! She is kind of- well, bossy and not-really inviting!
Anndi is okay- she says Hi at the least and she called me several times.
Caurli is in between Anndi and Bel. She acknowledges me at school and all, and we sit and play together, but we don’t really talk to each other.
I am so confused- and I feel really bad that I have to mark this, ‘Private.’
This is crazy- and I am regretting coming home! I wish I could enroll back- but I know everyone won’t be inviting. I mean really this is unfair. I shouldn’t have gone. I mean, I miss everyone way too much. And the trio is going crazy- no, boy crazy! I am so annoyed! But, Smith Anthony is evil!
I just feel so horrible! But at least I actually got the Sunshine Shimmer press to listen to me. I hope everyone knows about it, so maybe I will be welcomed with opened hands (and paws!) And, so well, bye, I guess.
Oh- wait- I have to say I’m really disappointed that Bel or Caurli or Anndi hasn’t told me that Violet says hello, or I miss you, Catty! And I guess they have forgotten me. And well, it seems like Princess might’ve, too.
Why is my life so messed up?
Sincerely, Catty

“Ahwoh” a word from gates


Hi. I am so brittle right now, I am slowly typing these words. At our latest text, I almost had to quit. My paws are very, very slow now. I don’t know how I’ll make it being gatespaw! But I don’t want to let my friends now. After all, the battle is near! And Catty- I read the Sunshine Shimmer Times- and is the publicity good or bad? Violet is nervous- and still dressing crazily- I have no idea why! Sandy, well, she’s timid. One BOO! is enough to make her jump and scatter away. Muggy and Huggy are very ignorant, to say. They are acting all chummy and I feel left out! Princess is being really nice to me! Oh well, let me say something! “Ahwoh!” I am running out of sayings! But um, thanks!


Catirfula’s SADA Dog

the SUNSHINE SHIMMER TIMES: December 28th-January 1st Only 0.75 per issue. GET YOUR COPY NOW!
Catirfula’s SADA Dog
by Dr. Anne Fir
Well, hello! I am Anne Fir, a star on the show: Breaking News! Is it good or is it bad? I have good news for you and bad news! The good news is that there is a topic for this week (not like last week- you know- the weather? lame!!!) but the bad news is that it is very alarming! First, Catirfula, has a mini announcement to make about it. Catirfula says, “Call me Catty! I have officially trained with the SADA for a few weeks!” What is the SADA? Suspicions arise, but my own dog, Stripe, went there, too! I sent her, so I understand Catty. Yet still- a human? “What does SADA stand for?” a reporter questions Catty. Catty replies, “Secret Agent Dog Association. Still- they have been training well- but a battle is a brew! A war with Adopt Me, Please begins January 2nd! We need everyone on our side!” Well, nobody stirs. But is young Catty admitting truth about Adopt Me, Please? After all, the store is very well known for great breeding and quite a large variety of choices. Well, stay tuned for next week’s Sunshine Shimmer Times!

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