Tears of Sandy


I know there’s a picture of Huggy here- but I’m Sandy!
I have to mark this as ‘Private!’
It’s just, ’cause, I saw Star Stripe. SO brave and determined. We’ve really bonded over the last two days. Well, I thought so, until she revealed her secret is such a casual way, I almost dropped! She said, “Sandy- join us! The Pups are on it, too! Smith Anthony says, ‘CNC mourns for Sandy! She likes having a secret admirer!'”
And I nearly dropped- was my Bff really on the evil team? And the pups- Curly and Wrinkles let me down! Muggy and I used to be part of the team, too- until I left to find CNc, and Muggy left to find me. And then we became friends- the end. And no way, would I be back to those evils! No way!
“No. Go. you don’t belong!!” I had cried, and then, Star Stripe looked at me, hurt and wounded. Then, she trotted away.
Maybe it’s partly my fault Star Stripe is gone! And I feel horrible! Star Stripe does belong with Sada Dog! Sada dog trusts her! But I can’t tell that to Sada dog- and I think Violet and Catty know it, too! But, I am too filled with guilt to write- bye!


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