Breaking news From Sada Dog!

Hey, SADA dog here. Let me just tell you- that Star Stripe is mysteriously gone! I can’t find her anywhere. I searched like CRAZY, but came back empty pawed. I am so confused! Where could she be? Well, I asked Huggy and Violet to help me. Violet looked like she knew where Star Stripe is, but didn’t want to tell me!! Huggy probably searched her little pug face off! It’s crazy- I know! But, I know the truth about Catty- and I am so bitterly disappointed. She left us?? It makes me feel like a worthless teacher, even though I try way too hard. ‘Cause if I didn’t try too hard, I would have never lost my closely acquainted assistant! I don’t know what to write- except that I read Huggy’s little post- about not getting me a gift! Oh well, my birth day is today- and well, in my opinion the greatest gift will be finally knowing the evil’s battle plan, though Huggy and Kana both said- they have none! They have none! I believe otherwise, so I’m determined to find out, and I won’t stop until I find out!!

Sada Dog

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