“I’m Back!”

"I'm back!"

“I’m back!”

Hi! Princess here! I read catty’s post- and I want to tell catty that I miss her, too!
We had so much fun together!
But Now, Huggy has to go on- for a chat! Sorry 😦


Cattypaw- doesn’t exist

Hello! Catty here! Remember when I said- I couldn’t find anything to write about? Well, I think I’ll be writing more often- so the gang and I can still be in touch! I miss Muggy, Huggy, Kana, Violet, Gates, princess and SADA dog! I feel terrible for going to the trio! But Bel is getting super nice to me! She got me a new dress- with red sparkles and sequins! Pretty! Anndi is also getting better- but she’s kind of mean. Caurli- wow, she’s sugar to me! Mom and Dad celebrated my celebration back home, and they even got me a dog- since Bliss, erm MUGGY- is gone at SADA! I miss SADA- it was kind of challenging- and now I have to go back to school- high school. Sigh. 17 years old is tough to be when you’re Catirfula! But anyways, it felt good to be home. I missed every detail of it- but without Violet, it’s kind of lonely. Without Kana, I feel best, and without Princess the kitty? Life’s hard. I miss Princess- my catty (you get it?) friend! But I have to adjust now! Well, I’m going on http://www.sadadogassociation.wordpress.com now! Maybe SADA dog has some news!
Well, bye!

Sandy and Huggy


Sandy: hey, Huggy. How’d the mission go? I see you’re on the blog again!
I nodded.
Sandy: Okay, so can I go after you?
I nodded again. Sandy asking me- what was with Sandy? but I felt the tears burning on the back off my throat. I couldn’t hold it any longer- so I cried.
Sandy: You okay?
I shook my head. OF COURSE I”M NOT OKAY! I wanted to scream, just like violet did in her post. Ahh, Violet. My problem began there!
Me: Well, Catty- Catty…
My mouth feels dry. I can’t say it. I can’t. I just can’t.
Sandy: yeah, I haven’t seen catty around for the last few hours. Where is she?
Me: She’s-
Sandy frowned, almost as if irritated.
Sandy: What happened?
me: Catty’s gone.
Sandy: Gone… where?
The words felt weird on my tongue. I hadn’t expected to ever say them aloud.
Me: She quit. She’s not Cattypaw any longer. She’s gone!
Sandy gasped, unable to hide her horror.
Sandy: why?
Me: I read the private entry- and of course it’s ’cause she misses home-and she’s back with the trio!
Sandy gasped again ,and shut her eyes.
Sandy: Good thing I told you how to reach the private entries, huh?
I tried to laugh, but it came out forced. Sandy and I looked at each other, tears in our eyes.
Sandy: Well, goodbye, Catty?

Violet’s Private Entry #2

I glance at Catty, straight in the eye. How could she be with the trio, when she had the Gang now? Was it too little for her? My heart sinks.
Me: Why?
Catty avoids my glare, and stares at her feet for a brief moment. When she looks up, she cringes and takes a deep breath.
Catty: Well, so what if I wear a pink sweater, white half-pants and boots? I thought you would have realized sooner- Bel’s outfit!
I cringe. But Catty hasn’t answered my main question yet.
Me: But…. why?
Catty closes her eyes, and stares at me, her blue eyes boring a hole in my boring brown eyes.
Catty: I miss Dad. I miss Mom. We call, but still, don’t you miss your- I mean, my- home? And well- Bel is watering the plants and everything. I like SADA and being Cattypaw, but I have had enough. I miss home, and I’m failing…. I haven’t had a mission!
Me: Me, either.
Catty clears her throat, her eyes gloomy now.
Catty: Well, I miss home. And Violet I was gracious to you. You got me Muggy- erm, Bliss-and we became friends. I miss the trio, truth be told!
Me: But Bel is Smith Anthony’s girlfriend!
Catty smiles, despite the difficult situation. She lingers, and touches her long, curly blond hair. She looks at me.
Catty: I think they broke up- and now Bel says Smith Anthony likes me!
I pause. Likes Catty? She is pretty, and I’m not. I am dark and gloomy and Catty’s sunshine and rainbows. I sigh.
Me: But he’s EVIL! And that means you’re leaving Sada.. for good?
Catty pauses, and gives me a weak smile. She sighs, her breath deep.
Catty: I’m not joining the Evils. No way. Too much for me! And plus- Bel’s sis- Anna works for the Sunshine Shimmer times!
My heart fails. But another question still remains unanswered.
Me: So you’re leaving………?
Catty hesitates, before answering. But her tone is low, and her blond hair is on her face. Her face is sweaty, and her palms are dripping. She twirls around, and takes a calming breath. But I can’t stand the suspense. I grit my teeth, and bite my lip until it bleeds.
Me: Answer…..
Catty: I can’t lie!
I want to shout. Scream. Yell. Did Catty admit….? She is….? No, she can’t….!
Catty: Well, yes. I am leaving!

Pug Tails For You and Me


Um, hi. I know this might be weird- but this post will be private because of Adopt Me, Please’s battle plans.
I can’t do it.
I just can’t. Sorry, if you wanted to hear them. Maybe kana will tell, because I am getting nervous.
Well- okay fine. I’ll say it-
They have no battle plan!
Was that battle threat to intimidate us? they aren’t planning anything! Not a thing- except gathering growing army of now about 2500 dogs. How many strays are there exactly? Well, I am getting very paranoid.
And Star Stripe seems to want to listen in our plans- and the old she-dog seemed interested when I announced that there were no battle plans from the evils. I can’t help but feel like Kana and I failed our first mission. So unfair!
And- what is wrong with Catty? is it the trio getting to her?
Ah, troubles. Not my world!


Mission with Kana Begins


Kana: Come on, mission time- spy!
Me: Sigh. Let’s go. Does SADA dog know we’re gone?!
Kana nods briefly and leads me into the bushes behind SADA Academy. I grit my teeth.
Me: Why, NOW?
Kana shakes her head again.
Kana: Wow, you like to procrastinate!
Me: What?
Kana: Procrasinate!
I cock my puggy head, and wait for Kana to explain, but she doesn’t so I pad over.
Me: Didja read Violet’s post?
I almost want to kick myself! Of course Kana read it! She always is up to date on our blog, though it is mostly mine, not hers.
But to my great surprise, Kana shakes her head.
Kana: Wasn’t that private?
I cringe sheepishly.
Me: yes, it was- but Sandy taught us how to view private posts!
Kana looks at me, clearly shocked and appalled that I would do such a thing. Ahh, yes- always perfect Kana. We dart to another set of bushes, and we near Adopt Me, Please. I pause for a second, before I continue.
Me: Well, she met up with the evils, and well, Catty’s back to the trio.
Kana: What?
She freezes, and I can hear her boxer heart racing. She slowly takes a mini step and glances at me, her face in a twist.
Kana: Back to the trio….. why?
I shrug, but I know the answer.
Me: Maybe ’cause she was failing…. she is Cattypaw, but she hasn’t been assigned any mission yet!
Kana: Sandy hasn’t either.
I shake my head.
Me: Yes, she has. She told me to keep it a secret. Whoops.
I smile at kana, expecting to see a smile on her face, but there is an undeniable frown. She gulps.
Kana: We’re here!

Catty and the TRIO?!?!?!?

Why do you think Catty is back to the trio?! Is it possible that…
Well give your answer why Catty hesitated to say NO! to the evils! Wait for Violet’s other diary entry!

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