Subject: be warned!
Well, well. You guys- have been recruited! We need more humans- no more dogs! Our army of dogs is full- over 2000 dogs in training! CNC is leading and she mourns for you, so meet us eight o’clock today! You better- because this is a great opportunity! You will also lead- as one of us, with CNC, and a new dog- Star Stripe. We sent her off for a mission. She is this scarred, dark dog, that we hurt with a knife! She is coming back- and you guys, too! Come!

Subject: Re: be warned!
Okay, fine. We’ll meet. ANd ps. Star Stripe is a SADA dog now- and what did Catty say on that?? eh? Plus, you guys have NO right to do this- stop! 2000 dogs- in training and knife stabbing- you guys are just CRUEL!
From, Violet

Subject: Re: be warned!
I’ll come- fine, but seriously Star Stripe- she is a leader with us NOW! so ha ha ha on you! bye, but yes, will see you! but I’m not making promises I’ll join! I never will- and CNC is MOURNING for us- tell her we miss her- we do- and she should STOP being evil! SO bye!
Catty 😦

SADA dog, Diary Entry

I know this is embarrassing. I am not going to do talking and what other people say. I am going to mark this entry as private. Gates passed the test! Hooray, Muggy did, too received a 4/5! (She got question 4 wrong!) But I want to tell you this super-fast: I asked CNC to take the test. She got a 5/5! And she even got the who is our enemy question correct! Wow, I admire her and wish she was back at the SADA headquarters. She is a good one- even though she is under pressure! I feel so so bad, and I am confused- by Seen, Anni and Smith Anthony! Adopt Me, Please is flourishing! They even have their own flyer! And now- dogs and more dogs are getting recruited for evil work- and SADA is failing. We merely have 600 dogs, and some of them aren’t complete yet- as full SADA dogs- but Kana (sorry, erm- Kanashadow) has proved me worthy. She is a fine assistant, full of energy, but sweet and lulling. No wonder she and Huggy will NOT fail this mission!!! Also, Star Stripe amuses me. Star Stripepaw- what a funny joke! But I am worried- about this war! It cannot be lost- it might be Dog World War 1! And I plan that it is the only one! Well, bye. Star Stripe is awaiting me! Probably to tell me something!

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Did you pass the test??!?

Gates, had a test to see if he will be now Gatespaw! Well, you could also take the test! How well did you do? How well do you know your SADA dog stuff? Is paw going to be added to your name? Take the poll, to see if others got the same results as you, or different!

If you got 1 answer correct you got: 20% (F!!)
If you got 2 correct you got: 40% (Still f!)
If you got 3 correct you got: 60% (STill a F!)
If you got 4 correct you got: 80% (A b+!)
If you got 5 correct you got: 100% (An A+! Great job!)

Answers to a test!

Here are the answers to the questions in the post Gates- the test- how did it go?:

1.  a.       SADA stands for Secret Agent Dog Association!

2. d       Obviously CNC, Seen, Anni, Smith Anthony!

3. c      You earn the suffix paw when you finish the tests!

4. c      After becoming an assistant, you earn the suffix menace.

5. d     It usually takes 2-4 months to take the test!


If you got bad results- and failed- read back more posts and take the quiz again, so you don’t miss any fun SADA dog adventures with the gang- trust me- trouble is brewing……




Gates- the test- how did it go? (part one)

Right after I wrote that post- I went for the test. I will tell you everything- even from the most frightening moments!!
Well, I entered the big testing room. It was as big as a ballroom- or maybe even bigger! There was a lit chandelier and a small square desk. On it, was a sweet, delicious looking red velvet cupcake, which just tempted me. The wooden floorboards were very clean- I could see my own reflection!!!
I nervously sat down- to see SADA dog- and another dog. The other dog had dark fur, and a skinny body. It was full of scars- but it made the dog seem brave not ruined to the last one. Muggy was there, too, her sweet brown eyes, tilted.
Other dog: I am Star Stripe and I will announce the testing! May it begin with our two dogs here: Muggy and Gates. After this, Muggy will become Muggypaw, and Gates will become Gatespaw. So soon, our test of wits will begin!
Muggy: What happens if we fail?
Star Stripe chuckled, but stopped when he noticed the glare of SADA dog’s eyes.
Star Stripe: Well, you will try again… in two months, depending on your study! And you will still be Muggy!
Muggy shrunk under Star Stripe’s gaze, while I froze. Two months?!?! We had already been here for three- no way for five. I needed to be Gatespaw!
SADA dog: Okay, let’s let you guys begin! And remember this is only part one! I groaned to myself, but my dim eyesight readjusted to the shining light. Muggy was bent down over the paper, and writing- scribbling. I fidgeted, but quickly turned to write, so I wouldn’t fall behind!

1. What does the word SADA stand for?
a. Secret Agent Dog Association
b. Secret Agent Day And
c. Secret Agent Dog Associates
d. Secret Agent Dog Academy!

2. Who is our enemy?
a. SADA dog, Huggy, Catty, Violet
b. Star Stripe
c. Granddaddy
d. CNC, Seen, Anni, Smith Anthony!

3. After the tests’ passing, what suffix does your name end in?
a. shadow
b. menace
c. paw
d. dog

4. When you become an assistant, what suffix do you earn?
a. stripe
b. dog
c. menace
d. boxer

5. How long is the estimated training until a test?
a. a year- two years
b. 5- 10 months
c. 2-7 days
d. 2-4 months

What did YOU get on the test? Please give your answers, and wait for the nest post which will come with the results!

A Pug In a Bag

Hello. Huggy here.
For Christmas, I got a really cute gift- a snoring bear! It is really cute, but yet still, SADA didn’t get me anything.
Neither did the rest. I am so disappointed! 😦
I got them all gifts and now…. well, I regret it!
(ps. Don’t tell them this! PLEASE!!!!!!!)

Hearts, Huggy