Star Stripe

Hello, I am Sada Dog, and I am going to introduce the meeting I had with a new student!
A dog, striped and scarred enters the office. She has dark, dark fur and intimidating eyes.
Dog: Hello, Darkmenace enrolled me!
I recall sending my trusted friend. Darkmenace is just like he sounds- a dark menace. But this poor dog? Sent to me. I am baffled, but I slowly inch to the newbie.
Me: What is your name?
Dog: Scar.
Me: A scar? You don’t have one. You shall have a new name.
Yes, I lie. I can’t help it. This poor, helpless dog needs my help. And I plan to help it.
Scar: What name, and what shall I do?
Me: You are a star, my striped one.
I think for a while, and a name as clear as day comes to me!
Me: Star Stripe! You will join Huggy and Kana on their mission!
Star Stripe: Star stripe, I like it. But what about Star Stripepaw?
I laugh- I can’t contain myself.
Me: Star Stripe, your name is a fight. So begone, be gone!
Star Stripe hesitates, as if to say something, but leaves, her tail high and waging.
I don’t know why I wrote this post- it just felt important. Little do I know- that it is!

CNC says hello!

Before you judge me and don’t read this post- wait a sec. Pretend you are in my place. Your friends hate you, you are in an evil world. You have no choice- your friends (or so called friends) make your decision. So I don’t need readers hating me!
So what if I’m CNC, the Dalmatian? I still have feelings! And that also means that they can get hurt as well as they can swell with pride.
You know Huggy’s, Kana’s- and everyone else’s story- but do you exactly know mine? There are two sides to every story- and in this case, I am the other side. The flip one. Isn’t it weird, If you are the bad guy… you imagine the other side bad, and your side good? I guess it depends on the perspective- just like your thoughts of me!
Well, I got to go. And it seems like I have to head to work- with my fellow ‘friends!’

CNC {{{{{{{{{

kryteers + secretstealer+mysteryMWAhha vs. us

Chatroom: kryteers, kanaboxer, huggythepugno.1, secretstealer, mysteryMWAhha, COOKIEcrumbs789
kryteers: ahh, you listened to my request!
kanaboxer: I didn’t want to!
kryteers: then why did you, huh?
huggythepugno.1: wow, seen you ARE mean 2 others!
kryteers: humph
secretstealer: i am captivated by CNC, the stunning Dalmatian
COOKIEcrums789: why thank you, but we are here to torment the others
mysteryMWAhha: yes, you are right. we are here to taunt them, as well as ask, did you receive our note?
kanaboxer: yes we did. why war?????
secretstealer: we can’t explain. brutality is our best weapon!!
huggythepugno.1: why, just lemme ask, why? we deserve better treatment, and we are going to go on a secret SAD-
kanaboxer: huggy SHHHHHHHHHH! don’t say that!
huggythepugno.1: say what?
kanaboxer: huggy- read it says SECRET and that means confidential! so don’t turn things up a notch- we don’t need that extra hand on our poor backs!
COOKIEcrums789: actually, this burden secret wont be a burden if you tell us!
huggythepugno.1: kana, we should!
kanaboxer: no, we may not!
huggythepugno.1: why not… they are nice to us, and cnc is right- no more burden!
kanaboxer: So? No way. If you tell….
secretstealer: just tell us!
kryteers: or you will kry teers!
kanaboxer: if we were in person, I would smash you. WE. ARE. NOT. TELLING. YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
kryteers: oh well. then, explain.
kanaboxer: huggy, let’s log off! let me on the laptop to LOG OFF!!!
huggythepugno.1: sorry Microsoft word document open, writing speech 😦 sorry! not now!
mysteryMWAhha: LOVE your spunk, huggy. can’t you join us?
huggythepugno.1: NEVER!!!!!!!!! in your DREAMS!
kanaboxer: in MY nightmares!
huggythepugno.1: mine too. kana- you can use the laptop in one sec
kryteers: once sec=one hour! good 1, wow I admire you now!
kanaboxer: GO!! bye!
kanaboxer and huggythepugno.1 have signed off!

Kana: a true battle-

Yes, Huggy and I have been assigned a mission! Yikes- I am not sure if I am up to it! Huggy, confident and sweet, is reassuring me!
Huggy: Kana, it’ll be okay!
Will it?
Huggy: Come on, we have to start…. texting them! I can’t believe they declared war on us! How rude!
Me: Yes!
I agree…. why should we live a brutal battle? I am already high leader of SADA- now considered Kanashadow! Wow, it’s very long but it provides the shadow that follows me- my own.
Huggy: Kana- should we sit down for texting?
Me: No.
Huggy: Why?
Me: We trained hard- two months for this, we can’t get it down. Its too much for us to bare. You know? I have done this for two months- I need this!
Huggy silently stares at me, as if I have wounded her. My heart breaks. I Can’t be stern, so I comply and we turn away to the computer, to face kryteers, secretstealer, and mysteryMWAHAHA again!

Mission Impossible (for humans, not dogs!)

CASE: spying on the evils, now Seen, Anni, Smith Anthony and Cookies ‘n Cream
SCENARIO: War place, their shelter; Adopt Me, Please!
SADA DOG(S) ASSIGNED TO: kana, huggy
MISSION: find out their battle plan. Later that day, January 2nd- attack with their battle plan- or better face of strength!
DUE DATE: December 31st

NOTE: please, as SADA dogs, we beg you to do the right choice- for all of us- not your petty friend. Who cares if you battle ex-BFF’s? This is not about you, this is about us, our union structured upon the greatness. A life we live… will shine, not only with courage, but with brutality. SO show your spirit, and help us- so we can bond into a strong union full of power- but also teamwork!

Dear Huggy….


Dear Huggy,
I have a message to deliver- there is a war abrewing. You fight or die. It is your choice. So on January 2nd, when we will return -face to face- you will see the dangers that await you. You will regret not joining the team. We know what you are planning- little SADA dog- Huggypaw! Clever choice, well spoken, but the real battle of secret agents will begin….. and the tests and quest for being ruler will begin again!


From, the Evils (or goods)

And Wronklette’s Party….

….. Wasn’t fun!
Turned out I was being used… by a bulldog! Whoa, that’s rare! But it was kind of a learning experience for me! I won’t forget the noise, and the laughter. It was a long and unforgettable night- though I texted my friends the whole time- after all, I can’t believe we have come this far- and we have failed!
Well I have.
We have the tests today- I do- to see if I am now a full SADA dog!
Huggy made it four weeks ago!
Violet, Catty, Princess, and Sandy made it seven weeks ago!
But I can’t help but yearn- for CNC! She would have been in the seven weeks ago group- she was brave and strong and fought like a true warrior!
Now only Muggy and I have to take the test!

As always, Merry Christmas….
Hearts, Gates 🙂

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