Gates- Where do I go?

I say Hello (Wronklette)

Gates gave me the password. Cool. Now, I am writing on a blog! Finally!
gates: You like?
Me: Very much! Thanks so much! What’s this post….
I point to something saying Chats Again.
Gates flinches slightly. Maybe it is arthritis. He shifts and takes a deep breath.
Gates: Please don’t read the posts. Some are private.
Me: Why?
Gates: Sorry, but my Gang says it is secret. Plus they would be mad if they found out I even gave you the password!
Me: Then, why did you give it?
Gates: Cuz you’re my friend!
Me: Aww….. You’re mine too!
So blog, I will return, better than ever! Bye!

Ps. I asked Gates:
Me: Do you write often?
Gates: Well, I always do a scrap first. That takes me forever.
Me: Why?
gates: I like perfect.
Me: For me, sometimes.
Well, know what? Seems like Gates like perfect!

Huggy- Feeling Glum


I am feeling glum. Why? Well, I’m talking to Muggy right now.
Muggy: Huggy, do you feel like we’re falling apart?
Me: Hey! You read that off Kana’s post!
Muggy blushes.
Muggy: Yeah, so what?
Me: Nothing. I just finished my piece on time! But I’m doing the invites now!
Muggy: Kana is still trying way to convince Gates though.
Me: I know. But we can’t force Gates to do something he doesn’t want to do.
Muggy: I know. That’s what really stinks.
Me: yeah. I’m going to ask Kana what to do!
Me: Wow!
Muggy: What?
Me: This is what it feels like to FINALLY be done with something and have the evening off. Even ten minutes.
Muggy laughs and glances at the cards I am writing. Her eyes skim them and she looks surprised.
Muggy: Cool.
Me: yeah. You know, i’m blogging right now, too.
Muggy: Writing down what I’m saying…..
I giggle, and Muggy shoots me a glare and skims the writing on the blog. She laughs.
Muggy: Say Bye, Huggy!
Me: Fine!
So to agree with Muggy, bye everyone!

Kana’s Diary Entry #7

I know, this is not about trying to get Huggy back, but about Gates. I saved his life!! I literally did. How does he repay me? By… by… choosing Wronklette over me! I don’t get it. I thought we were the gang. Inseparable for life. Now, I feel like we are falling apart. Huggy is always busy working, Catty, too, Pa left, CNC left…. I just feel like we aren’t doing any gang work. Gang work is being together. Sharing strengths, and being ourselves. Sure, we chat online, but I don’t feel connected like I used to feel. It makes no sense to me whatsoever. I just wish things would be back to normal. I will admit it, but I miss home. I like SADA, but I feel like it’s tearing us apart. If it weren’t for here, Gates wouldn’t have met Wronklette! What’s the big deal about Wronklette? The fact that he is a short, stubby, wrinkled bulldog, who is deaf and blind? Gates is nice, at the least. But now, I’m not so sure. Plus, Violet banned me from texting on the internet, unless I calmed down. Why should I? sigh. Why is life so complicated? I am so glad I have found time for you, my diary. I missed writing, and I miss the gang. Wish me luck that Gates will not go! I just HAVE to convince him!


Chat Again _Left Out_

Chatroom: gates123, sandyiscool999, princessqueen456, kanaboxer, iamablackpug789, huggythepugno.1, violetpetluvah, cattygurlrulz
gates123: I was invited to Wronklette’s party! he is so popular! who oh! did you see your invitations? aren’t they the coolest?
huggythepugno.1: sorry, gates, I’ve been in my room the whole time. sada dog asked me to write the invitations for the big annual party! plus, we might become secret agents! we’re not only staying for a week!
sandyiscool999: awesome!
cattygurlrulz: me too? I don’t believe that “I” was accepted! I am probably the worst student ever!
huggythepugno.1: I always wait till the last minute
kanaboxer: I don’t! Plus, I haven’t heard from Pa for a while…..
violetpetluvah: you’re right….
princessqueen456: he told me…. he didn’t make it. he failed the first deadline and left.
gates123: he did?!?!
princessqueen456: yup.
iamablackpug789: I am so checking on his blog! maybe he has something new!
sandyiscool999: let’s hope!
kanaboxer: well, huggy you mentioned that Halloween the official SADA dog Halloween party would begin! gates….. what about wronklette?
gates123: I was invited. weren’t you?
iamablackpug789: pretty sure you were the only one. I ma not big on Wronklette.
gates123: he’s nice! blind and deaf! he gets my pain!
kanaboxer: you have to go with us. you’re not going to leave us like CNC!!
gates123: I have no reason too.
cattygurlrulz: seems like you like Wronklette a lot!
gates123: huggy is close to some pug group and the writer of!
huggythepugno.1: sorry, but I was voted most cutest pug! HA!
gates123: I can’t have more friends?
princessqueen456: when did we become to bad for you?
gates123: I never said that! I said can’t we have our own friends!
violetpetluvah: let’s not fight.
iamablackpug789: yeah. let’s not.
gates123: I really want to be Wronklette’s friend….
kanaboxer: no. I came from the hospital. I saved you! You can’t leave us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gates123: we’ll see.
kanaboxer: no. we’ll see that you’re coming with us!! I am NOT losing another friend!
gates123: just a mini party?
violetpetluvah: kana, calm down!
kanmaboxer: no. no. Gates is ours!
huggythepugno.1: no offense, but you can’t claim someone. gates has the right to chose his own decisions. it’s not all about us.
kanaboxer: this is one decision, he’s NOT going to chose.
violetpetluvah: well, let’s just go….
gates123: bye!
princessqueen456: see you!

You’re Invited!


You’ve been invited to Wonklette’s Party!
Date: Halloween Night
Time: 9:00- till forever!
RSVP: As soon as possible!


For being invited! Please dress in your costume and have fun!
Thanks so much,
Wronklette 🙂

Task Four- The Challenge!


The Halloween Night Spy
By Huggy

I would dress in a costume, like a ghost and pretend to be a very short human. It would provide good protection, because Halloween night, everyone is in a disguise. They would start to act suspicious if you were dressed normally, so for me, the costume is the way to go. I think it helps us because Halloween is the only night of the year, where appearance doesn’t matter and people don’t look too closely. This pink pumpkin means to me that on Halloween night, we will have the chance to sneak off and provide the secret agent mission. It is also dark out at night, you can barely be seen, so that is another escape for us to spy. Well, those are my reasons why we should spy on Halloween night!

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