Give your PUG a hug

If you plan to get a pug, the book PUG: SMART OWNER’S GUIDE is the book for you!

When I was getting Huggy I read PUG about a million times. It really helps, and if you have a pug already you can still read the book and it is awesome. If you have some problems, like housebreaking, training and obedience this book is sure to help. If you are thinking of adopting a dog, consider a pug an option!  Pugs are playful, cute, good with kids, sweet, and they love to do what their owners are doing.

PUG is a great book for everyone, pug lovers and not. It can make non pug lovers love pugs so if you are a PUG LOVER be sure to check this awesome book out!
This book is available in book stores, pet stores and if you want to find a location near you, you can order this great book!

Pug lovers out there, try to read this book and you’ll be swarming with info all about pugs!

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